The Van­quished: Chapter 6

Table of con­tents

A path con­nects Ay­meluma and the set­tle­ment, through the forest of the beasts. However, the en­trance to the druid set­tle­ment is hid­den in loc­a­tion by a maze de­signed so that only those con­nec­ted to nature can reach through it.

Sil­vatan lore 2

The Sil­vatans know the fol­low­ing:

Path 2

The path to the Druid set­tle­ment is 2 miles long. Check for a ran­dom en­counter after each 30 minutes of travel. An en­counter oc­curs if a res­ult of 15 or higher is rolled. Don’t check if the char­ac­ters have already had three ran­dom en­coun­ters out­doors in the past 12 hours.

A nar­row path goes to the north west. While the path is easy to fol­low, vines and roots make this path dif­fi­cult to walk.

Druid maze 2

Read the fol­low­ing de­scrip­tion when

Ahead of you, the trees and un­der­growth grow in­ter­twined to form a 5ft wide tun­nel, tall enough to walk into. The walls of the tun­nel are thick.

Be­fore the en­trance of the maze is a carved wooden sign.

Without the secret of heart,
Far you will walk and wander,
But danger in times’ squander,
And you can­not dream to part.

Druid maze

Ex­it­ing the maze 2

Each tile has three exits, the wolf (W) exit, the owl (O) exit, and the bear (B) exit. Each time the char­ac­ters ar­rive leave through an exit, add a new tile to the maze, con­nect­ing the E of the new tile to the exit the char­ac­ters left through. To exit the maze, they must exit a tile first by the owl, the next tile by the bear, and the fi­nal tile by the wolf.

When the char­ac­ters first reach the Wolf statue, read the de­scrip­tion:

In the tun­nel, a wooden statue of a wolf, mid step, stares out fur­ther into the maze.

When the char­ac­ters first reach the Owl statue, read the de­scrip­tion:

In the tun­nel, a wooden statue of an owl, wings stretched in mid flight, stares out fur­ther into the maze.

When the char­ac­ters first reach the Bear statue, read the de­scrip­tion:

In the tun­nel, a wooden statue of a small bear, mid step, stares out fur­ther into the maze.

If the char­ac­ters try to break out through the walls, read the de­scrip­tion:

As you dam­age the walls, vines and branches re­grow quickly to fill the area.

Centre room 2

At the centre of each tile, I is a room with the fol­low­ing text:

Four large trees grow tall in each corner of the room, their can­opy like a vaul­ted ceil­ing. Light trickles through, il­lu­min­at­ing a wooden po­dium into which words are carved.

At first my beak is sharp,
Then honey stops the hun­ger’s smart,
Un­til at last I howl to the moon,
Fol­low me and we will part.

For each tile the party has suc­cess­fully trav­elled through, the as­so­ci­ated text for the exit for that tile will have dis­ap­peared from the riddle room.

The awakened tree 2

De­fend­ing the maze is an awakened tree. This trees can move through the walls of the maze. Each time the char­ac­ters move within range, the tree will at­tack once and then dis­ap­pear through the walls of the maze. To de­term­ine the loc­a­tion of the tree, roll two d10s. The first is the ho­ri­zontal loc­a­tion of the tree left-to-right, and the second is ver­tical loc­a­tion top-to-bot­tom. If the tree is in the path, it will be in­dis­tin­guish­able from a wall and block the path, if it’s in the wall, it will be in­dis­tin­guish­able from the wall its in. De­term­ine the tree’s loc­a­tion whenever the char­ac­ters move to a new tile or after the tree moves.

Druid set­tle­ment 2

Once the char­ac­ters have ex­ited the maze, read the fol­low­ing:

Tall pine trees circle three wooden build­ings, each shaped like the shell of an acorn. The closest is lar­ger than the oth­ers and its door faces the maze exit. You smell the smoke which drifts out of the top of each. Around the build­ings, six oak leaf shaped pools steam mak­ing . You can see a few elves, half-elves, and hu­mans work­ing in the area around it.

Each build­ing is very sim­ilar.

A large fire provides a little more warmth for the build­ing. Druids, wrapped in thick furs, work. Most are work­ing while around the fire. A chat­ter fills the air, like the smoke from the fire. You can hear a work­ing song about a seed of warmth that flows

In the lar­ger build­ing:

A half-elf man and an elf wo­man stand chat­ting. The man stands tall, a golden crown in the shape of twigs and branches on his head and wears well main­tained fur robes.

The man is Yorhorn and the wo­man is Endi.

Ro­le­play­ing the Sil­vatans 2

Yorhorn (NG half-elf man) is an in­tim­id­at­ing man who stands tall, and speaks rarely and softly. He is pro­tect­ive of Sil­vat and his in­hab­it­ants. He is too trust­ing, show­ing too much com­pas­sion and mercy to those who op­pose him. In ad­di­tion to the in­form­a­tion that the Sil­vatans know, Yorhorn met an elf wo­man from Ay­meluma who traded a gold leaf for some ma­gic. Yorhorn gave the gold leaf to Briid, who was a child at the time. He can’t re­mem­ber what the trader looked like, other than she was an older wo­man who wore a purple cloak with gold em­broid­ery.

Endi (NG half-elf wo­man) is very pop­u­lar and al­ways has a sym­path­etic ear. She be­lieves it is im­port­ant to achieve your goals and pro­tect Sil­vat. She be­lieves clean­li­ness is a waste of time - it’ll just get dirty again. She en­cour­aged Yorhorn to ban­ish Briid.

Ax­ilya (CN elf wo­man) wear­ing simple, prac­tical clothes, and a well-worn trav­el­ling cloak. She is a so­cially awk­ward. She be­lieves it is im­port­ant to con­nect with nature and take everything in mod­er­a­tion. She be­lieves ex­cel­ling at a skill is­n’t all it’s cracked up to be. Ax­ilya knows of the loc­a­tion of the Well­springs of Vi­tal­ity. She will agree to take the char­ac­ters to the Well­springs in re­turn for some ammo for hunt­ing.