OPEN GAME LI­CENSE Ver­sion 1.0a

The fol­low­ing text is the prop­erty of Wiz­ards of the Coast, Inc. and is Copy­right 2000 Wiz­ards of the Coast, Inc (“Wiz­ards”). All Rights Re­served.

  1. Defin­i­tions: (a)“Con­trib­ut­ors” means the copy­right and/​or trade­mark own­ers who have con­trib­uted Open Game Con­tent; (b)“De­riv­at­ive Ma­ter­ial” means copy­righted ma­ter­ial in­clud­ing de­riv­at­ive works and trans­la­tions (in­clud­ing into other com­puter lan­guages), pota­tion, modi­fic­a­tion, cor­rec­tion, ad­di­tion, ex­ten­sion, up­grade, im­prove­ment, com­pil­a­tion, abridg­ment or other form in which an ex­ist­ing work may be re­cast, trans­formed or ad­ap­ted; © “Dis­trib­ute” means to re­pro­duce, li­cense, rent, lease, sell, broad­cast, pub­licly dis­play, trans­mit or oth­er­wise dis­trib­ute; (d)“Open Game Con­tent” means the game mech­anic and in­cludes the meth­ods, pro­ced­ures, pro­cesses and routines to the ex­tent such con­tent does not em­body the Product Iden­tity and is an en­hance­ment over the prior art and any ad­di­tional con­tent clearly iden­ti­fied as Open Game Con­tent by the Con­trib­utor, and means any work covered by this Li­cense, in­clud­ing trans­la­tions and de­riv­at­ive works un­der copy­right law, but spe­cific­ally ex­cludes Product Iden­tity. (e) “Product Iden­tity” means product and product line names, lo­gos and identi­fy­ing marks in­clud­ing trade dress; ar­ti­facts; creatures char­ac­ters; stor­ies, storylines, plots, them­atic ele­ments, dia­logue, in­cid­ents, lan­guage, art­work, sym­bols, designs, de­pic­tions, like­nesses, formats, poses, con­cepts, themes and graphic, pho­to­graphic and other visual or au­dio rep­res­ent­a­tions; names and de­scrip­tions of char­ac­ters, spells, en­chant­ments, per­son­al­it­ies, teams, per­so­nas, like­nesses and spe­cial abil­it­ies; places, loc­a­tions, en­vir­on­ments, creatures, equip­ment, ma­gical or su­per­nat­ural abil­it­ies or ef­fects, lo­gos, sym­bols, or graphic designs; and any other trade­mark or re­gistered trade­mark clearly iden­ti­fied as Product iden­tity by the owner of the Product Iden­tity, and which spe­cific­ally ex­cludes the Open Game Con­tent; (f) “Trade­mark” means the lo­gos, names, mark, sign, motto, designs that are used by a Con­trib­utor to identify it­self or its products or the as­so­ci­ated products con­trib­uted to the Open Game Li­cense by the Con­trib­utor (g) “Use”, “Used” or “Us­ing” means to use, Dis­trib­ute, copy, edit, format, modify, trans­late and oth­er­wise cre­ate De­riv­at­ive Ma­ter­ial of Open Game Con­tent. (h) “You” or “Your” means the li­censee in terms of this agree­ment.
  2. The Li­cense: This Li­cense ap­plies to any Open Game Con­tent that con­tains a no­tice in­dic­at­ing that the Open Game Con­tent may only be Used un­der and in terms of this Li­cense. You must af­fix such a no­tice to any Open Game Con­tent that you Use. No terms may be ad­ded to or sub­trac­ted from this Li­cense ex­cept as de­scribed by the Li­cense it­self. No other terms or con­di­tions may be ap­plied to any Open Game Con­tent dis­trib­uted us­ing this Li­cense.
  3. Of­fer and Ac­cept­ance: By Us­ing the Open Game Con­tent You in­dic­ate Your ac­cept­ance of the terms of this Li­cense.
  4. Grant and Con­sid­er­a­tion: In con­sid­er­a­tion for agree­ing to use this Li­cense, the Con­trib­ut­ors grant You a per­petual, world­wide, roy­alty-free, non-ex­clus­ive li­cense with the ex­act terms of this Li­cense to Use, the Open Game Con­tent.
  5. Rep­res­ent­a­tion of Au­thor­ity to Con­trib­ute: If You are con­trib­ut­ing ori­ginal ma­ter­ial as Open Game Con­tent, You rep­res­ent that Your Con­tri­bu­tions are Your ori­ginal cre­ation and/​or You have suf­fi­cient rights to grant the rights con­veyed by this Li­cense.
  6. No­tice of Li­cense Copy­right: You must up­date the COPY­RIGHT NO­TICE por­tion of this Li­cense to in­clude the ex­act text of the COPY­RIGHT NO­TICE of any Open Game Con­tent You are copy­ing, modi­fy­ing or dis­trib­ut­ing, and You must add the title, the copy­right date, and the copy­right hold­er’s name to the COPY­RIGHT NO­TICE of any ori­ginal Open Game Con­tent you Dis­trib­ute.
  7. Use of Product Iden­tity: You agree not to Use any Product Iden­tity, in­clud­ing as an in­dic­a­tion as to com­pat­ib­il­ity, ex­cept as ex­pressly li­censed in an­other, in­de­pend­ent Agree­ment with the owner of each ele­ment of that Product Iden­tity. You agree not to in­dic­ate com­pat­ib­il­ity or co-ad­apt­ab­il­ity with any Trade­mark or Re­gistered Trade­mark in con­junc­tion with a work con­tain­ing Open Game Con­tent ex­cept as ex­pressly li­censed in an­other, in­de­pend­ent Agree­ment with the owner of such Trade­mark or Re­gistered Trade­mark. The use of any Product Iden­tity in Open Game Con­tent does not con­sti­tute a chal­lenge to the own­er­ship of that Product Iden­tity. The owner of any Product Iden­tity used in Open Game Con­tent shall re­tain all rights, title and in­terest in and to that Product Iden­tity.
  8. Iden­ti­fic­a­tion: If you dis­trib­ute Open Game Con­tent You must clearly in­dic­ate which por­tions of the work that you are dis­trib­ut­ing are Open Game Con­tent.
  9. Up­dat­ing the Li­cense: Wiz­ards or its des­ig­nated Agents may pub­lish up­dated ver­sions of this Li­cense. You may use any au­thor­ized ver­sion of this Li­cense to copy, modify and dis­trib­ute any Open Game Con­tent ori­gin­ally dis­trib­uted un­der any ver­sion of this Li­cense.
  10. Copy of this Li­cense: You MUST in­clude a copy of this Li­cense with every copy of the Open Game Con­tent You Dis­trib­ute.
  11. Use of Con­trib­utor Cred­its: You may not mar­ket or ad­vert­ise the Open Game Con­tent us­ing the name of any Con­trib­utor un­less You have writ­ten per­mis­sion from the Con­trib­utor to do so.
  12. In­ab­il­ity to Com­ply: If it is im­possible for You to com­ply with any of the terms of this Li­cense with re­spect to some or all of the Open Game Con­tent due to stat­ute, ju­di­cial or­der, or gov­ern­mental reg­u­la­tion then You may not Use any Open Game Ma­ter­ial so af­fected.
  13. Ter­min­a­tion: This Li­cense will ter­min­ate auto­mat­ic­ally if You fail to com­ply with all terms herein and fail to cure such breach within 30 days of be­com­ing aware of the breach. All sub­li­censes shall sur­vive the ter­min­a­tion of this Li­cense.
  14. Re­form­a­tion: If any pro­vi­sion of this Li­cense is held to be un­en­force­able, such pro­vi­sion shall be re­formed only to the ex­tent ne­ces­sary to make it en­force­able.
  15. COPY­RIGHT NO­TICE Open Game Li­cense v 1.0a Copy­right 2000, Wiz­ards of the Coast, LLC.

Sys­tem Ref­er­ence Doc­u­ment 5.1 Copy­right 2016, Wiz­ards of the Coast, Inc.; Au­thors Mike Mearls, Jeremy Craw­ford, Chris Per­kins, Rod­ney Thompson, Peter Lee, James Wyatt, Robert J. Schwalb, Bruce R. Cor­dell, Chris Sims, and Steve Town­shend, based on ori­ginal ma­ter­ial by E. Gary Gy­gax and Dave Arneson.

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