Ses­sion 0

World in­tro­duc­tion 2

Ice and snow chills the bones of those who suf­fer a life in De­nau. Vil­lages and cit­ies are nestled in any safety they can find, each isol­ated from the oth­ers. Most Deni­ans are hu­mans, and there are a few elves. Dwarves, gnomes, and oth­ers are known to the people. The Deni­ans aren’t ac­cus­tomed to ma­gic in their lives but tales are of­ten told of an­cient and mys­tical curses.

De­nau ex­ists some­where in the For­got­ten Realms but most people don’t travel there due to the harsh en­vir­on­ment.

You have answered a call for as­sist­ance from Lady Alymir Glyn­lamin, of the elven vil­lage Ay­meluma. They need help pro­tect­ing the vil­lage from wolves.

Char­ac­ters 2

Race. Hu­man, elf, half-elf, dwarf, gnome. Can use TCtE ad­just­ments. Ask me for ex­cep­tions.

Class. Any.

Align­ment. Any (but be pre­pared for con­sequences). Per­son­al­ity, bond, ideals, and flaws are a bet­ter meas­ure.

Back­ground. Any. If you’re from the De­nau re­gion, I can give help with more con­text.

Stat block. Stand­ard ar­ray

Start­ing level. Level 1

Ex­per­i­ence. Mile­stone based, long rest.

Ses­sion plan 2

DM ex­pect­a­tions 2

Game bal­ance. Fairly bal­anced but the world is dan­ger­ous if you go in without plan­ning. You

Player vs player. Re­solved without com­bat.

PC secrets. Def­in­itely.

Char­ac­ter party fit. Gen­er­ally co­hes­ive party.

Rules. Rules as in­ten­ded.

Top­ics 2

Are there any top­ics that make you un­com­fort­able?

Game style 2

Ini­tially some­what rail­road-y. Later sand­box.

Cam­paign length. Level 1 to 10.