Ses­sion 7

Ses­sion plan 2

It’s colder today.

The air seems colder today - the vil­lage not as warm as it had been be­fore.

Travel to Sil­vas 2

Don­key knows that Sil­vas is about two hours away and that she can avoid most things, thought the forest is dan­ger­ous and there’s no guar­an­tees of safety. If they fol­low Don­key:

You fol­low Don­key’s lead through the cold con­i­fer­ous trees - the un­der­story of snow and debris from the trees mak­ing it dif­fi­cult travel. It is very cold.

En­counter on the path

After an hour of trav­el­ling, you no­tice an area of green, about 100ft away, and 60ft across, stand­ing out from the snow and trees.

If they ap­proach:

Ferns and mosses cover the area. Something does­n’t seem right. The ferns are droop­ing and the moss is icy. A path is carved out through the ferns and mosses.


The green­ery sur­rounds a pool of wa­ter, a thin layer of ice form­ing on the sur­face. Hun­dreds of small broken eggs sur­round the pool.

The play­ers must suc­ceed on a DC 13 per­cep­tion check to no­tice the snakes.

If the play­ers go around the ferns, they must suc­ceed on a DC10 group stealth check or be at­tacked by the snakes.