Sum­mary of an earlier ver­sion

There are two sec­tions, the ad­ven­ture so far which con­tains a sum­mary of the ad­ven­ture and sum­mar­ies about char­ac­ters, loc­a­tions, items, and handouts, and the ses­sions which gives a more de­tailed ac­count of what happened in each ses­sion.

The ad­ven­ture so far 2

The trio met up at a wil­der­ness tower, brought by vis­ions in their dreams and, for El­mond, by let­ter. After un­lock­ing the tower, they spoke to Ely­dir in­side, who tasked them with find­ing a stolen fam­ily am­u­let bur­ied in the Tomb of the Last Re­hani. They trav­elled to the City of De­naura, found out more in­form­a­tion about the tomb from the tav­ern, the temple, and the lib­rary, and then trav­elled to find the tomb. In the tomb, they fought gob­lins, skel­et­ons, and the ghost of a man, Faurin, to get to the am­u­let. They re­turned the am­u­let to Ely­dir and she dis­ap­peared, leav­ing the gold prom­ised to them be­hind.

Months later, the trio met a hooded wo­man who asked them to take the throne back for King Mor­cant from a tyr­an­nical sup­planter, Lord Tel­netar; they agree and travel to De­naura. Here, they: res­cued Glanna and Tel­net­ar’s ser­vants from Tel­net­ar’s man­sion; met Per­tana, lead­ing a small re­bel­lion; and saved a fam­ily from a ware­house. Throughout all of this, they fought sin­is­ter creatures and heard of the un­usual and un­char­ac­ter­istic cir­cum­stances un­der which Tel­netar over­threw King Mor­cant. They sneaked to the castle to find Tel­netar cry­ing at the throne - con­trolled by a drow mage, Qa’­lir. The sym­bol of Ely­dir was em­blazoned on her robes, though with a broken chain be­low and a broken rope above. They de­feated Qa’­lir and took a send­ing stone from her body, with the same sym­bol.

While help­ing clean up the city, the trio re­ceived a screech­ing mes­sage from Qa’­lir’s send­ing stone, threat­en­ing them for what they had done. From the castle lib­rar­ian, they found that the glyph is sim­ilar to an elvish fam­ily’s crest who live in the vil­lage of Ay­meluma across the moun­tain path. The trio trav­elled off to travel there, find­ing the vil­lage mostly des­troyed. In the vil­lage, they dis­covered the re­mains of a ruined proph­ecy in­side a build­ing with Ely­dir’s sym­bol en­graved on it. Nearby, they dis­covered an orc camp where elves were trapped in cages who they helped es­cape. Speak­ing to an elf who re­sembled Ely­dir they found out that: the elves’ kid­nap­per was Qa’­por; Ely­dir was un­der­stood to be killed years ago after a grave be­trayal; and the full proph­ecy text. While the elves trav­elled to De­naura in search of safety, the trio, hear­ing an ex­plo­sion from the camp, re­turned to the camp in hopes of killing Qa’­por but failed to reach her be­fore she dis­ap­peared sud­denly.

The trio, fol­low­ing the proph­ecy, trav­elled to the Cloud­peak Mon­as­tery seek­ing out di­vine slopes to find the soul of Ely­dir’s lover, who they guess is Faurin. Here, they met Xolbi, a sil­ver dragon who wanted them to find a stolen crown in re­turn for help­ing them un­der­stand the mean­ing of di­vine slopes in the proph­ecy. After help­ing him get the crown, Xolbi then ex­plained that a portal will open that night, at the top of Mount De­nau which can lead them to Mount Ce­les­tia. They set off to im­me­di­ately and pass the moral test to be al­lowed past. The portal, a sil­very pool, opens and the trio jump into the pool.

El­mond, Mer­i­ele, and Aseir fell into the sil­very sea in Lunia, at the bot­tom of the slopes of Mount Ce­les­tia. A leis­ure ship, the Lunar Al­lure, res­cued the play­ers and prom­ised to take them to a nearby city, Heart’s Faith. Be­fore they could make it to the city, they were in­ter­cep­ted by a patrol ship which es­cor­ted them to the Hall of Sa­luta­tion where the trio were ques­tioned about why they were in Lunia. After show­ing that they were not a threat, the trio were free to travel around.

They find out that Faurin is loc­ated at the Cav­ern of Stars and, after rest­ing overnight and buy­ing horses, they trav­elled there over the next few days. Out­side the cav­ern they re­cog­nise an elf (though in a dif­fer­ent form) from the Lunar Al­lure who the find out to called Mor­can­loth. He ban­ished Mer­i­ele, and in re­turn, asked them to find out the loc­a­tion of the Orb of Em­pathy from Faurin.

The trio then trav­elled into the cav­ern via a secret en­trance, told to them by Mor­can­loth. In the cav­ern, they evade cap­ture by the guards in­side, and speak to Faurin who gives them in­form­a­tion about: his own and Ely­dir’s his­tory; the Staff of Skon­arith and its parts, Sko, Nar, and Ith; Sko likely be­ing in Ely­dir’s hands; and the loc­a­tion of Ith in the Temple of the Cor­rupt Orb. They tele­port to the temple, and fought their way through there, guided by a mys­ter­i­ous voice, even­tu­ally tak­ing the orb from the an­im­ated statue within.

Char­ac­ters 2

Ely­dir 2

The trio met Ely­dir, an eld­erly elf, in the wil­der­ness tower where she asked them to find her am­u­let, a fam­ily heir­loom. When the re­turned it, she dis­ap­peared into thin air. They find out that she was sup­posedly killed over 500 years ago by Faurin. They have seen her sym­bol worn by Qa’­por, Qa’­lir, and in the vil­lage of Ay­meluma.

Faurin tells the trio that he and Ely­dir were once lov­ers while she was mar­ried to the ab­us­ive Lord Lainot. To­gether, they had na­ive plans to take over which Ely­dir took more ser­i­ously than Faurin did. Ely­dir even­tu­ally killed Lord Lainot us­ing dark ma­gical powers and sup­planted him, rul­ing tyr­an­nic­ally. Only by luck and wish, Faurin was able to con­fine her to the wil­der­ness tower, with the am­u­let as a key, in hopes of rid­ding her of power.

Faurin thinks that Ely­dir, now she has re­turned, is likely to have the Staff of Dom­in­a­tion, Sko, as that was the last thing that she was plan­ning on do­ing. He told the trio he thinks it’s also likely that she is look­ing for the other parts of this staff.

Qa’­lir 2

The trio met Qa’­lir in the De­naur­a’s Castle’s throne room. Lord Tel­netar was found weep­ing in the room obey­ing her com­mands.

She wore the sym­bol of Ely­dir with an ad­di­tion of a broken rope above and a broken chain be­low. She looks identical to Qa’­por.

Qa’­lir was killed by the trio in a battle in the De­naur­a’s Castle’s throne room. On her body, they found a send­ing stone with the same sym­bol.

Qa’­por 2

The trio saw Qa’­por at the or­cish camp in De­naura, her tent show­ing the sym­bol of Eldyir with an ad­di­tion of a broken rope above and a broken chain be­low, like Qa’­lir did. She looks identical to Qa’­lir.

Mor­can­loth 2

The trio met Mor­can­loth dis­guised as an elf called Banir on the Lunar Al­lure. At the Cav­ern of Stars, he forces the char­ac­ters to find out where the Orb of Em­pathy is from Faurin.

The trio think he might be a de­mon as he was un­able to enter the Cav­ern of Stars.

Faurin 2

El­mond, Mer­i­ele and Aseir fought and de­feated Faru­in’s ghost in the Tomb of the Last Re­hani. His grave was trans­lated as Van­quisher of Ely­dir from the an­cient lan­guage it was writ­ten in.

They trav­elled to Mount Ce­les­tia where they found Faurin in the Cav­ern of Stars. He told them about his his­tory with Ely­dir, how he locked her away in the wil­der­ness tower, and how he had spent the rest of his life try­ing to find a way to stop her but failed to do so.

King Mor­cant 2

The ruler of De­naura. For a time, the throne had been taken from him by Lord Tel­netar. The trio were told by his daugh­ter, that he was re­turn­ing from in hid­ing after be­ing over­thrown by Lord Tel­netar.

Lord Tel­netar 2

While en­thralled by Qa’­lir, Lord Tel­netar over­threw the King Mor­cant and was a pup­pet ruler for Qa’­lir.

The trio heard from Per­tana that he ex­iled him­self from the city as he felt he was weak in fight­ing against Qa’­lir.

Lady Per­tana 2

Lady Per­tana is rul­ing in stead of King Mor­cant, un­til he re­turns. Dur­ing the time where the King Mor­cant was over­thrown by the en­thralled Lord Tel­netar, Lady Per­tana worked with Lord Farnit in re­bel­lion as the Watch­ers.

Loc­a­tions 2

City of De­naura 2

The city ruled by King Mor­cant. An an­cient city, once pros­per­ous, it has re­cently gone through tu­mul­tu­ous times as the king, King Mor­cant was over­thrown by Lord Tel­netar.

Here there are lots of places the char­ac­ters have vis­ited:

Vil­lage of Ame­luma 2

An elven vil­lage, des­troyed by Qa’­por. The in­hab­it­ants were saved by the trio, who fled to De­naura.

A house here had Ely­dir’s sym­bol dec­or­at­ing it.

Mount De­nau 2

The tallest moun­tain in the De­naurian moun­tain range. The city of De­naura is in the foot­hills of the moun­tain.

Cloud­peak Mon­as­tery 2

A mon­as­tery, near the top of Mount De­nau, lead by Xolbi.

Lonely Tower 2

The trio were brought to this tower by their dreams and first met Ely­dir here.

Tomb of the Last Re­hani 2

A tomb of the an­cient kings of De­nau. The char­ac­ters found Ely­dir’s am­u­let here, in the tomb of Faurin, Van­quisher of Ely­dir.

Lunia, Mount Ce­les­tia 2

Lunia, in the plane of Mount Ce­les­tia (known as heaven to many), is a land of eternal twi­light. The char­ac­ters trav­elled here to find Faurin as the proph­ecy.

Items 2

Ely­dir’s am­u­let 2

An am­u­let that the char­ac­ters re­turned to Ely­dir, in the Lonely Tower, on her re­quest. She dis­ap­peared when it was re­turned to her.

Proph­ecy 2

The proph­ecy, as it was found on the tapestry in the vil­lage of Ame­luma.

she tricks three to un­bind,
The shadow lover will fight but fail.
When she de­struc­tion to kind,
> soul of her will de­tail.
> wan­der­ing three soul they
On di­vine slopes will un­veil.

The char­ac­ters found out the full text from an elf that they saved from Ame­luma.

When she tricks the wan­der­ing three to un­bind,
The shadow of her lover will fight but fail.
When she brings de­struc­tion to all of his kind,
The soul of her lover her end will de­tail.
Now the wan­der­ing three his soul they must find,
On di­vine slopes her fate his soul will un­veil.

Staff of Skon­arith 2

Faurin told the trio of the staff of Skon­arith. It was cre­ated by a power­ful ma­gi­cian and was split into three parts after he was de­feated.

Sko, the Staff of Dom­in­a­tion. Faurin thinks that it is likely that Ely­dir has fi­nally got Sko, as it was her goal to do so.

Nar, the Braces of In­de­pend­ence. The loc­a­tion of this is cur­rently un­known.

Ith, the Orb of Em­pathy. The char­ac­ters have found the Orb of Em­pathy.

The ses­sions 2

Ses­sion one: Find­ing Ely­dir’s am­u­let 2

5th Oc­to­ber, 2018 — Chester

Mer­i­ele, El­mon, and Prince Aseir trav­elled to a wil­der­ness tower. Mer­i­ele and Aseir were brought by their dreams, El­mon in­vited by let­ter. The tower stood alone in a hilly moors with no win­dows or doors, apart from the carved out­line of a door.

Mer­i­ele, El­mon, and Prince Aseir, solved the puzzle the pass­word. Shout­ing Un­bind to­gether un­locked the tower, and fol­lowed the stair­case up to the top, where they were wel­comed by an eld­erly elf called Ely­dir, in a well fur­nished of­fice.

Here, she asked them to re­turn a stolen fam­ily heir­loom, an am­u­let, to her. She knew it was in the Tomb of the Last Re­hani. She ex­plains that the am­u­let has a sym­bol of the sun set­ting on it with a dag­ger fa­cing down to the ho­ri­zon. This is in ex­change for a re­ward of 500gp of treas­ure and pre­cious stones. She does­n’t know ex­actly where the tomb is but does know it’s near De­naura.

The char­ac­ters set of to De­naura to see if they could find in­form­a­tion about the tomb. At the city, the char­ac­ters found clues for the where­abouts of the tomb:

The char­ac­ters stayed the night at the castle, meet­ing some of the city’s higher class be­fore mov­ing out to the tomb.

Ar­riv­ing at the tomb, they quickly dis­patched of the gob­lins, solved the door puzzle and then star­ted slowly ex­plor­ing the tomb, even­tu­ally ven­tur­ing into the for­mid­able main cham­ber. In this cham­ber they found the slain body of the ap­pren­tice and a trans­la­tion of some of the rooms in the tomb. Once en­ter­ing this room, however, they awoke the skel­et­ons within and were at­tacked. Man­aging to fight these off, the es­caped the great cham­ber.

The char­ac­ter no­tice that a room on the map has been trans­lated to say Faurin, Van­quisher of Ely­dir, and re­cog­nising choose to travel to this room.After some more ex­plor­a­tion and fight­ing, they even­tu­ally find Faur­in’s tomb. In this room, the char­ac­ters feel cold and a sense of un­easy sad­ness and un­ful­fill­ment. After open­ing the coffin and tak­ing the am­u­let, the door to the tomb slams shut. A pale white fig­ure ap­pears between the char­ac­ters and the door It said, sor­row­fully, ‘That am­u­let must stay here. I can­not let you leave with it or know­ledge of it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.’ The trio de­feat this be­ing and leave the tomb.

They re­turn to Ely­dir’s tower after mak­ing a copy of the am­u­let, and try to give the copy to Elidyir. She de­mands the proper am­u­let, and when it’s given to her, dis­ap­pears in­stant­an­eously from the room, leav­ing the re­ward be­hind.

Ses­sion two: Over­throw­ing Lord Tel­netar 2

26th Janu­ary, 2019 — Brock­weir

The trio parts ways for a few months un­til an in­triguing let­ter is sent to each of them, ask­ing for them to meet in the Watch­ers Tav­ern in Jairt, near De­naura.

In this tav­ern, they meet a wo­man who talks to them about re­cent events in De­naura where Lord Tel­netar has sup­planted the pre­vi­ous King Mor­cant and has been tyr­an­nic­ally rul­ing the city since. She asks them to find out what Tel­netar is do­ing and to put a stop to it, in ex­change for a re­ward. The char­ac­ters ac­cept this and, once again, set of to De­naura.

They head to the temple and find that Wurcon, the priest, is ar­guing with some guards about Glanna be­ing ar­res­ted, hear­ing that she has been taken to the Tel­net­ar’s man­sion. Head­ing there, they kill the guards out­side. Ex­plor­ing the man­sion, they find: Glanna locked up in the base­ment, guarded by a wight and two cult­ists; lots of zom­bies; and ser­vants in the bed­room. In the base­ment, the char­ac­ters heard the cult­ists men­tion that, dur­ing the fol­low­ing day, something was go­ing to hap­pen, though it was­n’t clear what that was.

It’s here that they find a small wooden box with an in­scrip­tion on it, con­tain­ing a small orb which was wrapped in a cloth map show­ing an al­tern­at­ive way into the castle.

Glanna takes the trio to Per­tana’s man­sion, a base for the small re­bel­lion against Tel­netar. She ex­plains that, dur­ing one of the first nights that Tel­netar had be­come the leader, his fam­ily had been taken from the man­sion. Rather than be­ing taken to the castle, as ex­pec­ted, they were taken to a ware­house.

Per­tana con­vinced the char­ac­ters to go to the man­sion in an at­tempt to res­cue the fam­ily, hop­ing they might be able to find out more in­form­a­tion about what happened to the city. The ware­house in­cid­ent happened.

After this, the trio trav­elled to the castle, us­ing the clifftop en­trance to get in. Ar­riv­ing in a large cave with a bridge across a rav­ine with a door on the other side. Statues an­im­ate when they try to cross the bridge and they real­ise they must kneel to be let past. At the far end, they use the orb from the small wooden box, to un­lock the doors. Be­hind the doors are stairs.

The trio fol­low the stairs up where they ar­rive in a small, dark room, from which they can see through small slits in the wall into the throne room. In the throne room, they can hear a man weep­ing. They open a door to the throne room us­ing a lever. When the man sees them, he stands and shouts “You should­n’t be here. Leave! Run!”

As this hap­pens, a fig­ure ap­pears and pushes him back onto his chair. She had a ob­sidian skin with dark blue streaks with a finely chiseled face on her cloak she had a sym­bol of a sun with a dag­ger in front of it em­blazoned on her cloak, much like the one on Ely­dir’s am­u­let. She in­tro­duces her­self as Qa’­lir. Al­though the trio face a lot of power­ful spells, an imp, and a cloud of poison, they man­age to de­feat her, though with only Mer­i­ele stand­ing, who deals the fi­nal blow.

Mer­i­ele loots Qa’­lir’s body, tak­ing dia­monds and a stone en­graved with Ely­dir’s sym­bol, a broken chain also en­graved un­der­neath it.

Ses­sion three: Find­ing the proph­ecy 2

8th Novem­ber, 2019 — Chester

After spend­ing the last week killing the mon­ster, con­structs, and cult­ists which re­mained in the city, the char­ac­ters met with Per­tana. Dur­ing the meet­ing, they re­ceive as scream­ing mes­sage from the stone taken from Qa’­lir’s body which Mer­i­ele had kept secret un­til now - threat­ing them for what they had done.

El­mond sug­gests that they speak with the castle lib­rar­ian, where they find that the stone is a send­ing stone. Ad­di­tion­ally, he iden­ti­fies the main sym­bol on the stone as the sym­bol of the Glyn­lamin fam­ily and their his­toric re­la­tions between them and the Re­hani. The elvish vil­lage of the Glyn­lamin is across the moun­tain pass.

The char­ac­ters took a short rest in the Dragon’s Claw for some food and sleep - Mer­i­ele avoids people, Aseir tries to ren­dez­vous with Glanna, and El­mon per­forms for the oc­cu­pants. Then, after find­ing some winter gear from Cheda and find­ing ru­mours about Ay­meluma which there were little of them to tell, they trav­elled across the moun­tain pass - fight­ing with wolves.

Once across the other side, they saw the vil­lage in the dis­tance. Smoke and blood - not good. Aseir rode on ahead to the decim­ated empty vil­lage and Mer­i­ele looked out, climb­ing a tree. To­gether, Aseir and Mer­i­ele saved a young elvish child, ter­ri­fied of the mon­sters that took her fam­ily. Elond ex­plored a build­ing marked with the sym­bol of Ely­dir, find­ing a half des­troyed poem on the walls.

Hear­ing dis­tant shout­ing, the char­ac­ters headed out in search. They found the source, an Or­cish camp­site, a lav­ish tent marked with the sym­bol of Ely­dir guarded. Cages filled with elves were be­side the camp, one of the elves look­ing strik­ingly sim­ilar to Ely­dir. El­mond tricked most of the orcs way with il­lu­sions and Aseir and Mer­i­ele killed the rest of the orcs. They freed the elves and El­mond left an il­lu­sion of tents be­hind. Mer­i­ele looked into the tent but did­n’t find out much in­form­a­tion, and then re­turned to the vil­lage with the oth­ers.

The party or­gan­ised an es­cape for the elves from their vil­lage to De­naura. Speak­ing to the elf that looked like Ely­dir, the char­ac­ters find out that Ely­dir was un­der­stood to be killed years ago after a grave be­trayal. The elf gave the party the full proph­ecy of which they had found a part. They find out the name of their kid­nap­per - Qa’­por.

Hear­ing shout­ing and scream­ing in the dis­tance, from the orc camp, the char­ac­ters re­turned, ready to fight Qa’­por. They ar­rived at the camp, burn­ing, orcs dy­ing at a single word from Qa’­por. Be­fore the char­ac­ters could re­act, she dis­ap­pears.

Fol­low­ing the proph­ecy, the char­ac­ters hashed out a plan to travel up to the moun­tain, to the Cloud­peak Mon­as­tery, in seek of di­vine slopes. They res­ted for the night in the ru­ins of the vil­lage and headed up the moun­tain the fol­low­ing day.

After a long jour­ney, they reached the cloud­peak mon­as­tery, ini­tially ap­pear­ing derel­ict. They meet Xolbi and find out he is a sil­ver dragon. He un­der­stands the mean­ing of “di­vine slopes” in the proph­ecy, but will only help them if they first find a stolen crown.

The char­ac­ters are tele­por­ted back to Den­arua by Xolbi, also provid­ing the glyphs to re­turn. With the help of Mer­i­ele, the char­ac­ters found the thieves who stole the crown and re­turn to the Cloud­peak Mon­as­tery, tele­por­ted by Wurcon - though not be­fore Aseir was re­jec­ted by Glanna, yet again.

Re­turn­ing the crown to Xolbi, he let them know that a portal will open that night to Mount Ce­les­tia, at the top of Mount De­nau. He keeps the weather calm to help them travel up the moun­tain.

On the way up, they met a monk who had fallen while on his pil­grim­age to the top. They help him up the hill, let­ting him take a horse­back. Reach­ing the top, the char­ac­ters waited un­til the moon was over­head.

As the moon reached its peak, the wind calm and the air warmed - a sil­very pool ap­peared. The monk trans­formed into a Deva and thanked the char­ac­ters for their help, be­fore let­ting them pass into the portal.

The char­ac­ters, hand in hand, jumped into the pool to­gether, ap­pre­hens­ive of what they might find on the other side.