Cur­rent sum­mary

Ses­sion 1 - 15th June 2022 2

Re­cap for the char­ac­ters:

We have the char­ac­ters:

  • Shadow Vul­ture, a hu­man rogue
  • Lael Umelee
  • Rudi Lan­niter
  • Mer­lin
  • Thio

While wait­ing to meet Lady Alymir Glyn­lamin, you answered a cry for help to the north of the vil­lage - wolves were at­tack­ing. You suc­cess­fully killed the wolves at­tack­ing the farm - though in the pro­cess, Lael’s father, Kendel, got hurt.

You took Kendel into the vil­lage where a crowd of elves were gathered, eager to help after the fight. The healer helped Kendel and Lael.

Lael’s other father, Tor­oss, was knock­ing on the door to Lady Glyn­lam­in’s house, ask­ing for her help and lead­er­ship. When she ex­ited her house, she looked ill and shaken.

She in­vited you in and asked if you would find the source of the wolves in the Forest of Beasts and stop it, if you can. You learnt from her that the at­tacks only star­ted hap­pen­ing re­cently, that the forest is hard to track through, and it’s dif­fi­cult to travel at night.

After a short rest, you found wolf tracks at the en­trance to the forest and were able to fol­low them. You were at­tacked by more wolves, which you fought off. You con­tin­ued to suc­cess­fully fol­low the tracks and reached a foot­path cross­ing the wolf tracks. Lael found a scrap of dirty cloth on the foot­path.

Which way do you go to con­tinue the jour­ney?

So far, they have trav­elled 2.5 miles to their des­tin­a­tion.

Ses­sion 2 - 22th June 2022 2

Re­cap for the char­ac­ters:

You fol­lowed the path in each dir­ec­tion and found traps. Thank­fully, the keen eyed Mer­lin saw the holes be­fore you fell in them.

Lael led you in the wrong dir­ec­tion but the oth­ers man­aged to get you back on track.

Some ban­dits were in your way and you quickly dis­patched them.

You crossed a river us­ing a rope you fired across to sup­port yourselves - thank­fully nobody fell down the wa­ter­fall.

The sun was set­ting as you came across a large crater with a gi­ant oak tree in it. You man­aged to fight most of the wolves off from a dis­tance. The ones who got closer took out Thio who in­cred­ibly man­aged to get back up and Lael who was healed after the fight.

In­side the oak tree, you heard two wo­men ar­guing, one beg­ging for pro­tec­tion, and the other coldly re­fus­ing it. After en­ter­ing, you quickly fought the druid wo­man who was pro­tect­ing wolves - with Mer­lin throw­ing a huge orb of thun­der at the wo­man. While the re­main­ing wolves man­aged to knock Lael and Thio un­con­scious, you killed them and made the tree safe.

What do you do now?