Cur­rent sum­mary

Ses­sion 1 - 15th June 2022 2

Re­cap for the char­ac­ters:

We have the char­ac­ters:

  • Shadow Vul­ture, a hu­man rogue - James
  • Lael Umelee - Jess
  • Rudi Lan­niter - Jim
  • Mer­lot - Mark
  • Thio - Nathan

While wait­ing to meet Lady Alymir Glyn­lamin, you answered a cry for help to the north of the vil­lage - wolves were at­tack­ing. You suc­cess­fully killed the wolves at­tack­ing the farm - though in the pro­cess, Lael’s father, Kendel, got hurt.

You took Kendel into the vil­lage where a crowd of elves were gathered, eager to help after the fight. The healer helped Kendel and Lael.

Lael’s other father, Tor­oss, was knock­ing on the door to Lady Glyn­lam­in’s house, ask­ing for her help and lead­er­ship. When she ex­ited her house, she looked ill and shaken.

She in­vited you in and asked if you would find the source of the wolves in the Forest of Beasts and stop it, if you can. You learnt from her that the at­tacks only star­ted hap­pen­ing re­cently, that the forest is hard to track through, and it’s dif­fi­cult to travel at night.

After a short rest, you found wolf tracks at the en­trance to the forest and were able to fol­low them. You were at­tacked by more wolves, which you fought off. You con­tin­ued to suc­cess­fully fol­low the tracks and reached a foot­path cross­ing the wolf tracks. Lael found a scrap of dirty cloth on the foot­path.

Which way do you go to con­tinue the jour­ney?

So far, they have trav­elled 2.5 miles to their des­tin­a­tion.

Ses­sion 2 - 22th June 2022 2

Re­cap for the char­ac­ters:

You fol­lowed the path in each dir­ec­tion and found traps. Thank­fully, the keen eyed Mer­lot saw the holes be­fore you fell in them.

Lael led you in the wrong dir­ec­tion but the oth­ers man­aged to get you back on track.

Some ban­dits were in your way and you quickly dis­patched them.

You crossed a river us­ing a rope you fired across to sup­port yourselves - thank­fully nobody fell down the wa­ter­fall.

The sun was set­ting as you came across a large crater with a gi­ant oak tree in it. You man­aged to fight most of the wolves off from a dis­tance. The ones who got closer took out Thio who in­cred­ibly man­aged to get back up and Lael who was healed after the fight.

In­side the oak tree, you heard two wo­men ar­guing, one beg­ging for pro­tec­tion, and the other coldly re­fus­ing it. After en­ter­ing, you quickly fought the druid wo­man who was pro­tect­ing wolves - with Mer­lot throw­ing a huge orb of thun­der at the wo­man. While the re­main­ing wolves man­aged to knock Lael and Thio un­con­scious, you killed them and made the tree safe.

You found some treas­ure in the gi­ant tree, in­clud­ing a gold oak leaf on Briid.

What do you do now?

Ses­sion 3 - 6th July 2022 2

You were asked by Lady Glyn­lamin to find out the source of the wolf at­tacks, which you suc­cess­fully did - it was a druid Briid, in the Forest of Beasts.

You trav­elled back from the gi­ant tree and ar­rived back at the vil­lage, find­ing that Lady Glyn­lamin had been at­tacked in the night. You met the Coun­cil of Eld­ers (Ilphas, Maiele, and Alasse) who asked you to in­vest­ig­ate her. After you showed them the golden oak leaf, they told you about the Glyn­lamin fam­ily con­nec­tion to Sil­vanus, about the nearby Shrine to Sil­vanus and a druid set­tle­ment to the North West.

When you saw Lady Glyn­lamin, you saw that she showed no signs of phys­ical in­jury but that she did­n’t seem her­self. You Lady Glyn­lamin and ques­tioned her about the at­tack. It took some work, but she was able to tell you that she was at­tacked in the night by a cloaked wo­man

You next found wine stains lead­ing out­side and a very hun­gover Aien, the house ser­vant for Lady Glyn­lamin. He ad­mit­ted that he been drink­ing at the Eas­ing Wa­ter Inn the pre­vi­ous night and so he missed the at­tack.

You went to the black­smith, she was hid­ing something. She was the first on the scene. She was re­luct­ant to say that she saw a cloaked fig­ure ar­rive at the Coun­cil of Eld­ers.

Brickny Spears did lots of in­tim­id­at­ing. Shadow Vul­ture did a lot of win­dow watch­ing. Mer­lot be­rated the young Aien about be­ing a bad worker. Lael is wor­ried about los­ing her friends.

Ses­sion 4 - 20th July 2022 2

In­form­a­tion you’ve found out so far:

You went to the Eas­ing Wa­ter Inn to fol­low up on whether Aien had been drink­ing there the pre­vi­ous night. In the hot springs of the Inn, you were at­tacked by a wa­ter mon­ster and in the en­su­ing battle, Lael was killed.

Mer­lot took her and Lael’s fath­ers’ mule into the Forest of Beasts to find the druids who might be able to help you heal her. Mer­lot nar­rowly es­caped be­ing eaten by spiders. After speak­ing with the Coun­cil of Eld­ers, the rest of the party went to pro­tect Lady Glyn­lamin.

Ses­sion 5 - 27th July 2022 2

You met Don­key, a druid who had been ex­iled from the nearby Sil­vanus. After some of you fought vine blights at the house and oth­ers fought twig blights at the statue of Sil­vanus, you con­fron­ted Lady Glyn­lamin about a let­ter that Mer­lot found at the statue. You de­duced it likely was­n’t writ­ten by her, com­par­ing her hand­writ­ing and the signet ring.

Ses­sion 6 - 3rd Au­gust 2022 2

In a gruelling fight, you de­fen­ded Lady Glyn­lam­in’s house from the at­tack­ers, fi­nally killing (and un­mask­ing) the at­tacker Elder Maiele. You lead the vil­lage to de­pose the other Eld­ers and were plan­ning to set off to find the druids in the Forest of Beasts. Be­fore you left, you planted a sus­pi­cious let­ter to draw out and meet any re­main­ing con­spir­at­ors a few days from now.

Ses­sion 7 - 10th Au­gust 2022 2

You trav­elled to Sil­vat, dis­cov­er­ing the cool­ing of hot springs on the way, avoid­ing get­ting bit­ten by snakes, and get­ting lost in a maze. Once get­ting to Sil­vat, you talked to the leader, Yorhorn. He agreed to re­vive Lael in re­com­pense for the dam­age that Briid did to Lael’s com­munity, and if you agreed to in­vest­ig­ate the wan­ing power of the hot springs.

Ses­sion 8 - 17th Au­gust 2022 2

Fi­nally, Lael was re­vived, though she now has a fear of wa­ter! The very help­ful⸮ Ax­ilya lead you to the Well­springs of Vi­tal­ity. After killing the thugs and cult­ist leader out­side, you entered the cave, com­ing across a chant­ing cult and a float­ing orb.

Ses­sion 9 - 31st Au­gust 2022 2

You fought the cult, tak­ing out their leader quickly. The chant­ing brought through ice mephits. Just be­fore killing the last cult­ist, his pray­ers were answered and more ice mephits flooded out of it. You killed them, though not without tak­ing your own cas­u­al­ties. After the fight, you res­ted and re­paired a shattered tab­let, re­veal­ing some sym­bols on it. Thio quickly ex­plored some of the nearby caves to find out what you might face next.

Ses­sion 10 - 7th Septem­ber 2022 2

You ex­plored the caves, re­cov­er­ing an­other gem, killing mephits and cult­ists. Us­ing the gems and fire, you melted the ice block­ing the wa­ter­falls. You dis­covered stairs down but fell foul of the fiery fey-elf statues. You de­cided, at this point, to rest.

Ses­sion 11 - 14th Septem­ber 2022 2

You fought a Chuul and trav­elled down to the lower caves. In the lower caves, you met an old man on an is­land in a large cav­ern where he asked to to burn a large corpse with him. In the fire, was the third gem. You res­ted here. After rest­ing, you took a boat, up a chan­nel. While row­ing up the chan­nel you were at­tacked by dark mantles.

Ses­sion 12 - 16th Novem­ber 2022 2

You fought the dark mantles, with only a few of you go­ing over­board. Trav­el­ling fur­ther up­stream, you reached a cav­ern flooded, a tower reach­ing out of the wa­ter, stairs around it. Fight­ing the top of the, past the statues guard­ing it, then res­ted at the top, after Mer­lot went un­con­scious.

Ses­sion 13 - 23rd Novem­ber 2022 2

Des­cend­ing down into the lava cav­erns, you used rope lad­der to get down the broken tower. A flameskull sur­prised you, you tricked the flameskull, Mer­lot fell into the lava, al­most dy­ing, but Thio saved him. You re­placed the gems, cre­at­ing a pro­tect­ive area and re­start­ing the Well­springs. After, you went back the way you came es­cap­ing the Well­springs.