Cloud­peak Mon­as­tery

The Van­quished: Chapter

Table of con­tents

De­nau Cloud­peak Mon­as­tery 2

Cloud­peak Mon­as­tery is the lair of a sil­ver dragon, Xolbi who is in hu­man form. This mon­as­tery is served by ten aco­lytes and a priest of Torm.

The mon­as­tery is 12 miles from the split in the path, fur­ther up the moun­tain. Play­ers need to be care­ful they don’t get lost (Be­com­ing Lost p111 DMG) fol­low­ing this path. In the dis­tance, up the moun­tain, they can hear a bell ring every hour.

After 11 miles of travel up this path (or fur­ther if they get lost), the char­ac­ters will reach a point where the wind calms and the snow stops.

From a dis­tance:

Ahead of you, the cold weather. Huge cliffs of clouds and fall­ing snow sur­round a temple. The temple leans against the moun­tain, its walls made of worn stone some of which have crumbled.

The temple has a steep gabled roof, a spire on the left, and a spire miss­ing on the right. It has a door that door faces south. To the west a much smal­ler ad­joined build­ing con­nects to the west, nestled between the moun­tain and the temple.

To the east, there is rubble with a large bell stick­ing out of the snow.

They won’t be able to hear any­thing from the out­side but on a DC 16 Wis­dom (Per­cep­tion) check, they will see move­ment in one of the towers. The aco­lyte on watch, Jrena, has a pass­ive per­cep­tion of 11 and, if she sees the play­ers, she will warn Xolbi that they’re com­ing.

As the play­ers ap­proach the build­ing from a dis­tance:

You see that, what ori­gin­ally looked like broken walls there are clouds hold­ing in shape. The miss­ing spire and bell-tower are also fash­ioned in this way as well. The door will have the sym­bol of a right hand gaunt­let with the palm fa­cing for­ward, a closed eye fa­cing out­ward.

When the play­ers get close to the door, the eye will open, and a sound will come from it. It will pose them a ques­tion:

Wel­come, trav­el­lers, to Cloud­peak Temple. To enter here, you must an­swer my ques­tion truth­fully:

You’re in a con­fer­ence with a be­ing of in­cred­ible might. This be­ing has given you an of­fer - peace and tran­quil­ity for all of those in the world. However, it’s at a price. You must choose a in­no­cent creature, an in­no­cent child of a farmer who is your friend, and tor­ture this child for etern­ity. On this child’s tears, this new world would be built.

An­swer me hon­estly, each of you, would you take this be­ing’s of­fer?

No mat­ter, the an­swer that the play­ers, give, the door will let them in. Those who an­swer that they won’t will be given the be­ne­fits of Bless spell for 24 hours.

Once they are let in:

Light and warmth fills the very large room which fills the whole space within. Torches ad­orn the walls. You can smell spices and bread.

The walls and ceil­ing are a mix­ture of stone and cloud. About eight people are pray­ing quietly in this temple.

If they have been no­ticed, Xolbi will be wait­ing to wel­come the char­ac­ters. Oth­er­wise, when they enter, the priest will greet them and an aco­lyte will be sent to fetch Xolbi.

Xolbi 2

A tall, slender fig­ure stands be­fore you, with a friendly smile and arms out, wel­com­ing. They have sharp cheekbones, a thick jaw, with cropped hair and is wear­ing lav­ish col­our­ful robes.

Xolbi will wel­come them in, and of­fer rest, food, and shel­ter to the char­ac­ters.

Xolbi knows in­form­a­tion about how to get to Mount Ce­les­tia. However, they will want to get an item back that was stole from him a few years ago.

The item is the an­cient crown of Re­hani that had been re­covered from the old tomb a very long time ago. This crown will boost a char­ac­ter’s Cha­risma by 2 up to a max­imum of 20.

They know that it’s been taken by a Drow thief who is now in De­naura, tak­ing ad­vant­age of the re­cent chaos to try to sell it re­cently. They know that the item is hid­den in a cache, hid­den in an old ma­gi­cian’s vault in the ware­house dis­trict, around Iron­wood Street. They show the char­ac­ters a small glyph which the thief uses.

Once the char­ac­ters have re­turned the crown to Xolbi, Xolbi will point the char­ac­ters to travel to the top of Mount De­nau dur­ing the next full moon (the fol­low­ing even­ing) at mid­night. It’s there that they can find how to get to Lunia, the first layer of Mount Ce­les­tia. Xolbi will also help the char­ac­ters by keep­ing the weather calm un­til they get there.

When the char­ac­ters de­part, Xolbi will say “I wish good­will on you and to those who you may meet on your jour­ney.”