De­nau Moun­tains

The Van­quished: Chapter

Table of con­tents

Mount De­nau Peak 2

The path winds fur­ther up the moun­tain to­wards the peak.

On the way up the peak, the char­ac­ters will be given the op­tion to save a lost monk. The lost monk is a Deva in dis­guise.

The wind howls at the top of the peak but the sky is clear. At night, the moon can be seen rising up. Once it’s at its peak, the wind will calm and a sum­mers warmth will fill the char­ac­ters. A sil­ver pool will ap­pear, and the monk that they met on the way up the moun­tain along with it. After he ap­pears, large white wings sprout from his back and ar­mour and a large swords ap­pear. If they did not save him, he will try to pre­vent the char­ac­ters from reach­ing the pool, oth­er­wise he will let them past.

The sil­very pool is opaque but if the play­ers are well footed, they can put their heads through. On the other side, the char­ac­ters can see that the portal is 20ft in the air above a sil­very sea. If they look around they can see a few small boats. To the north, they can see land.

The air feels sum­mery the sea is calm.

The ses­sion ends when the play­ers jump in.

Trav­el­ling Around Lunia 2

Most of the safest paths re­quire trav­el­ling up the moun­tain, to meet an­other path that goes down the moun­tain which is time con­sum­ing and ex­haust­ing.

While Lunia is gen­er­ally a safe place, off the paths the play­ers may en­counter creatures who are try­ing to get into Lunia.

Vari­ous trav­el­ling de­scrip­tions:

Safer route en­coun­ters 2

If the party choose to fol­low an safe route, along the paths, across the ter­rain, roll a d8 every 6 hours of travel: on a 1-3, choose the event with the num­ber rolled be­low.

Band of Hound Archon Sol­diers 2

From the dis­tance, you see a band of Hound Arch­ons or­derly march­ing to­wards you.

As they ap­proach the play­ers, a few of the sol­diers will stop and ask for a Mark of Mydaiel from the play­ers. If they don’t have one, they will be asked to be es­cor­ted to the Hall of Sa­luta­tion

Stub­born Priest 2

You reach a bridge over a 20ft wide wa­ter­fall which drops down into a pool 50 ft be­low. A hu­man, dressed in robes, hold­ing a sym­bol of Il­ma­ter stands in your way and shouts:

“Trav­el­lers, you may not pass over this bridge un­less you are worthy.”

A hu­man priest, Nol, he will not let them over un­less he be be­lieves are good or law­ful enough. He is a com­moner. He will not stop them if they try to climb across the edge of the bridge, or if they try to wade through the wa­ter.

On a suc­cess­ful DC 17 Strength check, a char­ac­ter can wade through the river. On a fail­ure, they will be swept away, and down over the wa­ter­fall, tak­ing 5d6 bludgeon­ing dam­age.

On a suc­cess­ful DC 15 Dex­ter­ity check, a char­ac­ter can climb across the edge of the bridge. On a fail­ure, they will fall into the wa­ter and need to make a DC 17 Strength save or fall over the edge and take 5d6 bludgeon­ing dam­age.

An al­tern­at­ive away around will add an­other 4 hours of jour­ney.

In­vis­ible Stalker 2

This is an at­tack from an In­vis­ible Stalker sent by Mor­can­loth, if she knows who the play­ers are. If he does­n’t, then ig­nore this en­counter.

A sharp wind blows across the tops of the trees to your right in a line. It’s quiet oth­er­wise.

Pick a ran­dom player to be at­tacked first by an In­vis­ible Stalker.

Un­safe route en­coun­ters 2

The un­safe routes will take the char­ac­ters through forests and along steep moun­tain passes.

If the party choose to fol­low an un­safe route, across the ter­rain, roll a d8 for every 6 hours: on a 1-4, choose the event with the num­ber rolled be­low. If you have rolled it already be­fore, noth­ing hap­pens.

Vari­ous trav­el­ling de­scrip­tions:

Cor­rup­ted lan­tern 2

Deep pass and a cor­rup­ted lan­tern:

You’re on a nar­row path, about 10 foot wide, hug­ging along the side of a cliff, drop­ping down 30ft to the right. The path is un­stable on the right and does­n’t hold you well.

A slow red pulsat­ing light is in the dis­tance, dart­ing around sharply and ran­domly.

Ap­proach­ing the red light:

As you get closer the light stops. It looks like an Archon Lan­tern. It holds still for a mo­ment be­fore fly­ing to­wards you.

Roll ini­ti­at­ive. This has the stats of an Archon Lan­tern.

Mauled body 2

You’re deep in the woods, You find a mauled body of a male elf, scratched and bruised. It does­n’t look like it’s been around for long, blood still pour­ing around it.

A Nycan­loth will try to at­tack the play­ers stealth­ily. A per­cep­tion check of DC 14 will re­veal the Nycan­loth.

Trapped Lan­tern Archon 2

Sur­roun­ded by the ashen trees you see a cave, deep and dark. You can smell a damp­ness and must, something you’ve not smelt since you’ve ar­rived in Lunia.

The en­trance is trapped with a fall­ing net, a suc­cess­ful DC 17 Wis­dom (Per­cep­tion) will al­low a char­ac­ter to spot the trap. A suc­cess­ful DC 15 Dex­ter­ity check us­ing thieves’ tools breaks the trip wire harm­lessly. Without thieves’ tools, it is done at a dis­ad­vant­age with an edged weapon or tool. On a failed check, the trap trig­gers.

When the trap is triggered, the net is re­leased, cov­er­ing a 10-foot square area. Those in the area are trapped un­der the net and Re­strained, and those that fail a DC 14 Strength sav­ing throw are also knocked Prone. A creature can use its ac­tion to make a DC 14 Strength check, free­ing it­self or an­other creature within its reach on a suc­cess. The net has AC 10 and 20 Hit Points. Deal­ing 5 slash­ing dam­age to the net des­troys a 5-foot-square sec­tion of it, free­ing any creature in that sec­tion.

If here with Briglin, she will en­cour­age the char­ac­ters in­side the cave while she waits out­side. If they be­come trapped, she will use this op­por­tun­ity to at­tack them. If they’re not here with Briglin, she will ar­rive a minute after the trap is set off.

In­side the tun­nel:

The en­trance of the cave is a 15ft tun­nel, lead­ing into a wider room. It is dark apart from a flick­er­ing shin­ing light at the end of the tun­nel. Wa­ter drips down the walls. You hear a mu­sical cry­ing in the dis­tance.

At the end of the tun­nel:

The tun­nel opens out into a darker room, 15ft square. In the centre of the room is a small pile of treas­ure, on the top of which is a lan­tern. The lan­tern is roughly made of a dark metal dec­or­ated with evil de­monic faces faces on each of the top corners, each star­ing out. In­side the lan­tern is a Lan­tern Archon, faded and pale, cry­ing.

The Lan­tern Archon, Zur­iel, is trapped in this lan­tern. The lan­tern can be opened by any­body.

The char­ac­ters will find:

Skree slope 2

You reach a fork in the nar­row path you’re fol­low­ing. Straight ahead, the path has loose rock strewn around, you hear some rocks fall­ing and scrap­ing in the dis­tance. To the left, you see a path that goes up the moun­tain with more even foot­ing far in the dis­tance.

Go­ing up the moun­tain will add an­other 2 hours to the jour­ney. Go­ing along the scree, the play­ers must make a DC 12 dex­ter­ity check or take 2d6 bludgeon­ing dam­age.