Temple of Af­fin­ity

The Van­quished: Chapter

Table of con­tents

This is also known as the Temple of the Cor­rupt Orb. This is where the Ith has been kept safe from the world, and the world safe from Ith. In­side the temple, the Orb can de­tect the thoughts and feel­ings of any creature. Ad­di­tion­ally, it can speak to any creature tele­path­ic­ally.

The temple is Hal­lowed cast at 8th level, ex­clud­ing Ce­les­ti­als from the stand­ard ef­fects. The spell also has the ad­di­tional ef­fect, all hu­manoids in the area can­not be frightened.

You find the hid­den pas­sage that Faurin told you about. It leads you into a deep gorge, though the stream has ran dry. The pas­sage winds back and forth un­til you reach an open­ing. The gorge widens and you see the stars above. Ahead, a temple, its stone worn, built across the gorge. Pil­lars dec­or­ate the front. The forest is creep­ing down into the gorge but it has left the temple un­touched.

Above the door, ce­les­tial script is en­graved.

The ce­les­tial script says “Speak the Pass­word to Free the Orb”.

The Temple En­trance 2

The door opens. In­side, there’s a small room, only 15ft wide and 10ft along. The walls are cracked and the floor dusty. In the quiet, the air rings a con­tinu­ous high pitched. Ahead of you are two doors, both closed.

On the wall across the room, text is en­graved on the wall. Though you don’t re­cog­nise the script but each of the play­ers hears a voice speak:

Be­ware, those who enter here, Of what you seek. We know not if it is evil, Or strong or weak. It hears your thoughts and feel­ing, As if you speak.

As the play­ers what their char­ac­ters are cur­rently feel­ing as their primary emo­tion. The Orb will in­tro­duce it­self to the play­ers at this point, speak­ing to the play­ers dir­ectly by the emo­tions that they’re feel­ing. It will apo­lo­gise for in­trud­ing on their thoughts. It will warn them that their friend­ship will be tested if they con­tinue with three chal­lenges ahead.

Chal­lenge 1 2

After a chance to speak. Ith will give the char­ac­ters a choice.

Either dex­ter or sin­is­ter, a fight you will meet. The sin­is­ter, ar­du­ous but re­war­ded. The dex­ter, easy and un­tir­ing.

When you’re ready, each of you think your choice don’t say it, and I will open the door that you choose, though, it does­n’t have to be un­an­im­ous.

C1.1: Op­tion 1 2

In this room, there are 4 an­im­ated ar­mour and 3 fly­ing swords.

C1.2: Op­tion 2 2

In this room, there is a shield guard­ian. After the fight 3 heal­ing po­tions will ap­pear.

Chal­lenge 2 2

Ith will give the op­tion as be­low but it will do the op­pos­ite of what the char­ac­ters voted for.

To the left, there’s a fight. To the right, a puzzle with a risk but re­ward.

C2.1: Op­tion 1 (Left) 2

In this room, there’s an earth ele­mental.

C2.2: Op­tion 2 (Right) 2

A puzzle, with only one chance.

  /         |         |         \
  |  .      |  x      | x       |
  |    > .  |    > x  |   > . x |
  |  .      |  .      | x       |
       |                   |
       |  x x .            |
       |         >   x . x |
       |  . x .            |
     /                       \
     | x . . .               |
     |           >  - - - -  |
     | x . x .               |

     O           O           O
 ____|____   ____|____   ____|____
/         \ /         \ /         \
| . x . . | | . . x x | | . x x . |
\_________/ \_________/ \_________/

On a fail­ure, a shield guard­ian will ap­pear from a door on the right. On a suc­cess, 3 greater heal­ing po­tions from a door on the left.

Chal­lenge 3 2

It will of­fer the choice between the fol­low­ing but only di­vulge cer­tain in­form­a­tion and will lie to the play­ers:

He will then pick a player at ran­dom and say that to an­other that this player is ly­ing.

C3.1: Op­tion 1 (Left) 2

C3.2: Op­tion 2 (Right) 2

Temple Nexus 2

The door opens into a much lar­ger room, dust cov­ers the floor. In the centre of the room, at the top of a stepped pyr­amid, a statue stands a red­dish orb at its heart.

If the play­ers have worked in unity and are in unity at this point, the orb will leave its hous­ing.

If the play­ers haven’t worked in unity or are not work­ing in unity at this point, it will fight them.

It is a Shield Guard­ian with a bo­nus of +9 to hit in­stead be­cause of its abil­ity to read thoughts. It will try to stay at the top of the pyr­amid and will push them down.