The Lonely Tower

The Van­quished: Chapter

Table of con­tents

The tower stands tall, around 130ft, it nar­rows slightly to­wards the top. There’s no dec­or­a­tion and no win­dows. The un­weathered stone is smooth to touch.

A prison for Ely­dir, she is bound here un­til the Dawns­word Am­u­let is re­turned to her.

The door faces to­wards the en­trance of the val­ley and is easy to find.

The door 2

Al­though the rest of the tower lacks dec­or­a­tion, carved into the stone is the shape of a huge door. Above the door, you can see runes mak­ing up 5 words that you do not re­cog­nise and can­not read.

Any­body who tries to work out which lan­guage it is and makes a suc­cess­ful DC 15 In­tel­li­gence (His­tory) check dis­cov­ers that the lan­guage is Car­nian, a lost lan­guage. If the lan­guage can be un­der­stood, it reads: ‘Safe we keep her. Al­low no will.’ The ori­ginal in­tent, however, was: ‘This keeps us safe from her, do not free her.’

To enter, the char­ac­ters must speak the word un­bind or free.

En­ter­ing the tower 2

The stones mak­ing up the door­way turn to a bright light. The light fades, re­veal­ing a short pas­sage into the tower. The pas­sage leads to a brightly lit land­ing; glass half–bowls filled with flame on the walls. From here, stairs spiral up­wards, start­ing on your right. Apart from this, the land­ing is empty.

The pas­sage stays open after every­body walks in.

The stair­way fol­lows up and around, even­tu­ally reach­ing a land­ing with a door on the left — fa­cing the centre of the tower.

The lamps are made with Con­tinual Flame.

Reach­ing the study 2

After you open the door, you see a large cir­cu­lar room be­fore you. The same torches as be­fore light it. Lux­uri­ous fur­niture is sparsely spread around the room, al­though its style is un­like any­thing you’ve seen be­fore.

On the left wall, there’s a four–poster bed with a chest sit­ting at the end, and large ward­robe to the side of the bed. On the op­pos­ite side, a huge book­case is crammed with scrolls and books. In the centre of the room is a large table that’s dressed with food. Closest to you is a desk fa­cing the door. The smell of in­cense fills the room.

Sit­ting at the desk is a wo­man: her hair grey and face wrinkled, poin­ted ears poke out un­der a circlet with a ruby gem­stone set, and her robes are a deep dark red with in­tric­ate sym­bols laced in a golden thread.

No­ti­cing you ar­riv­ing, she smiles to­wards you and stands, ges­tur­ing you into the room to­wards the table.

‘Ah! I’m glad that you de­cided to join me. Please, come in.’

Here, the wo­man in­tro­duces her­self as Ely­dir. She of­fers the char­ac­ters food and drink, and if they ac­cept, food will ap­pear at the table.

She will ex­plain that her quest is to have her stolen am­u­let re­trieved. She’s chosen them be­cause it was taken from her a long time ago and it’s likely to be a per­il­ous jour­ney to re­trieve it. The am­u­let is in the Tomb of the Last Re­hani, which is close to the City of De­naura which is a 2 day jour­ney from here, across the moors. She does­n’t know where the tomb is.

She will give the ad­ven­tur­ers an very old map and some food sup­plies for 3 days travel.

 A map of tower and the city in the surrounding area.

The map shows the tower and the moors with the sur­round­ing area. The tower is in the west and the city in the east. The moors sur­round the tower for west half of the map. The city is against the moun­tains in the east. A road comes from the south–east to the centre of the map, fol­low­ing on east to the city. To the south of the road is a small amount of forest be­fore moun­tains, that con­tinue east of the city. To the north west of the moors and to north of the road is a forest.

Chest 2

In­side the chest: