Tomb of the Last Re­hani

The Van­quished: Chapter

Table of con­tents

Tomb of the Last Re­hani 2

A map of the Tomb of the Last Rehani.

Trav­el­ling to the Tomb 2

When they reach the path, read out the fol­low­ing de­scrip­tion.

The old road was not easy to find — the forest re­claim­ing it. Plants climb over crum­bling sen­tinels, guard­ing each side of the road. Plant lit­ter cov­ers the floor and bushes and trees grow from the cracks in the stone.

A suc­cess­ful DC 16 Wis­dom check will al­low a char­ac­ter to see gob­lin tracks head­ing along the path.

For about an hour, the path con­tin­ues over­grown, get­ting steeper. It ends where the moun­tain rises, a col­lapsed door in front of you.

1. En­trance to the tomb 2

At the foot of the moun­tain is the col­lapsed door.

There’s a gap large enough for small creatures at the bot­tom, or me­dium creatures with a suc­cess­ful Dex­ter­ity check of 15.

Some of the rubble can be shif­ted in­stead, with a suc­cess­ful Strength check of 15 but it will cause some of the re­main­ing rubble to col­lapse and the gob­lins to be pre­pared

The rubble can also be climbed over with a suc­cess­ful Strength check of 15.

2. Gob­lin hideout 2

As you enter the cor­ridor, the first thing that hits you is the stench of gob­lins. Frag­ments of the walls and ceil­ings lie on the floor. Fur­ther down the cor­ridor, there’s a small amount of light.

If the gob­lins know the char­ac­ters are com­ing, then the cor­ridor is si­lent; oth­er­wise, laughter and ar­guing can be heard.

You can see a cham­ber ahead. At the op­pos­ite end of the cham­ber there’s a set of double stone doors. In the room there’s crude tables and chairs. A prim­it­ive wooden bar­ri­cades is a couple of feet into the room.

If the gob­lins heard the char­ac­ters com­ing, then the tables are empty (but torches are lit), the gob­lins hid­ing be­hind the bar­ri­cade and walls; oth­er­wise, gob­lins are at the tables and chairs, play­ing cards.

After com­bat is fin­ished:

Above the door is text that the play­ers can­not un­der­stand. There are six orbs, three on each side of the door. Above the door are six lines, each with a dot at the end.

.          .
 \   -.   /    \     /   .-
                .   .

The orbs must be pressed in the right or­der. Press­ing the wrong one re­sets it but the player who presses the orb, gets thrown back from the wall by 10 feet, tak­ing 1d4 dam­age.

3. Tomb of King Lunit Re­hani 2

Com­ing through the main doors, an ex­pans­ive vaul­ted room is be­fore you. It’s about 120ft long. In the centre of the room a large sar­co­phagus is built onto a stone plat­form with steps run­ning up to it. A blue crys­tal­line stone out­crop is right above the sar­co­phagus, cast­ing weird flick­er­ing light from the torches around the room.

Between the centre and each corner are 4 pil­lars. Each of these 4 pil­lars in­ter­twine to build up to the vaul­ted ceil­ing.

There is a large en­grav­ing on the ground in front of you.

Col­lapsed at one of the pil­lars is a slashed and blood­ied body wear­ing robes. A back­pack lies on the floor be­fore the en­grav­ing, its con­tents strewn.

After two minutes in the room, the stone above the centre of the room flashes a bright blue. Noth­ing hap­pens for a couple of seconds un­til the char­ac­ters can hear the scrap­ing of stone. The sar­co­phagus lids are slid­ing open. Skel­et­ons be­gin to climb out. There are 11 skel­et­ons.

The large en­grav­ing shows a simple carved map with each of the rooms la­belled; the en­grav­ings are in Car­nian.

The engraving showing the rooms labelled in Carnian.

The back­pack (and the area around the back­pack) con­tains the fol­low­ing sup­plies:

A rough partial translation of the engraving.

4. Grand cor­ridor 2

There’s grand cor­ridor carved out of the stone. Torches of a sim­ilar design from Ely­dir’s tower ad­orn the walls, fire flick­er­ing out of them. The cor­ridor is about 200ft long and about 10ft wide. You can see 3 cor­ridors off the left hand wall and 2 off the right hand wall — these are built at odd in­ter­vals. The space in here is al­most pristine, apart from dust. The grand doors that are at the end of the cor­ridor are open.

The smal­ler cor­ridors as the char­ac­ters go along:

  1. a cor­ridor on the right, it’s about 70ft long.
  2. a cor­ridor on the left, it’s about 90ft long.
  3. a short cor­ridor on the right, and then a door
  4. a short cor­ridor on the left, and then a door
  5. a short cor­ridor on the right, and then a door

5. 4The Lord’s guard room 2

If the play­ers try to go through this room, 6 skel­et­ons will leave their sar­co­phagi to at­tack the play­ers al­most im­me­di­ately.

Gi­ant spider’s cham­ber 2

Door is stiff to open.

Room full of spider webs, some light fil­ters down from a hole in the ceil­ing, sar­co­phagi are closed.

When the play­ers enter, the skel­et­ons will try to get out of their sar­co­phagi — 3 suc­cess­fully will do so, the char­ac­ters can hear the other skel­et­ons scrap­ing to get out.

After about 18 seconds, a gi­ant spider will come to in­vest­ig­ate.

The spider and skel­et­ons may at­tack each other.

Tomb of the Van­quisher 2

Raised sar­co­phagus in the middle of the room. Arch across the middle of the room. Can see some more sar­co­phagi past the arch.

Play­ers will feel a sense of un­easy sad­ness and un­ful­fill­ment as they walk into the room. The room feels a lot colder as well.

The play­ers will re­cog­nise the text as the same that’s on the stone en­grav­ing, and now on their map:

Faurin, Van­quisher of Ely­dir

If the play­ers open the sar­co­phagus, they will find a skel­eton with an am­u­let. If they take the am­u­let, the door will slam shut. A pale white fig­ure will ap­pear between the door and the play­ers.

‘That am­u­let must stay here,’ it says sor­row­fully. ‘I can­not let you leave with it or know­ledge of it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.’

After say­ing that to the play­ers, it will start to move to­wards them with its sword out. If the play­ers at­tack, the skel­et­ons will join Faurin, al­though the ghost will step out of the fight at the start.

The ghost, gone mad with time, is only fo­cussed on pre­vent­ing it from ever get­ting to Ely­dir and it will be very dif­fi­cult to reason with it. If the play­ers men­tion be­ing sent or who they were sent by, the ghost will be­come vi­ol­ent and im­possible to deal with.

The ghost will not be con­vinced to let the play­ers leave with the am­u­let and it can only be taken by force.


Room large enough to have a short rest in. Has a chest con­tain­ing mostly rot­ted/​de­cayed be­long­ings that have turned to dust. There’s 50gp and 2 gems each worth 50gp each.

The door can be shut and barred if the play­ers wish to rest.

Locked door 2

This locked door re­quires a DC 22 Dex­ter­ity check to un­lock it.

Col­lapsed pas­sage­way 2

The cor­ridor has com­pletely col­lapsed, rubble block­ing it en­tirely.

Hid­den door­way 2

A suc­cess­ful Per­cep­tion (Wis­dom) check of 20 DC will un­cover a door.

* Ad­di­tional Tombs 2

Each con­tains 3 skel­et­ons that will at­tack the play­ers al­most im­me­di­ately. In each of the tombs, the play­ers will find 3d10 gold.