The Van­quished: Ap­pendix A

Table of con­tents

This in­cludes in­form­a­tion about the ma­jor char­ac­ters in this cam­paign.

Ely­dir 2

Spell list 2

Faurin 2

Faurin was a half-elf sworn to the De­nauran Schol­ars - a school de­voted to the Re­hani. He was Ely­dir’s closest friend and lover. While he gen­er­ally sup­por­ted Ely­dir’s vis­ion of the fu­ture, he dis­agreed with the de­struc­tion she caused try­ing to achieve it. His ghost in­hab­its the Tomb of the Last Re­hani but if freed his soul will travel to Mount Ce­les­tia.

In ghostly form, his grey thin­ning hair is scrapped back off his nar­row hag­gard face. His eyes are blood­shot and tears per­man­ently wet his cheeks. He wears simple wool­len robes. He ap­pears much health­ier and a little younger if he is freed to Mount Ce­les­tia - his hair thicker and his eyes are no longer blood­shot. He is gen­er­ally mel­an­cholic but, in his rare smiles, his face softens and shines sin­cer­ity and warmth.

Faur­in’s prom­ise. Prince Bainot Re­hani, brother of the murdered King Lainot Re­hani, con­vinced Faurin to kill the Ely­dir. However, in his love of her he in­stead im­prisoned her in a power­fully war­ded tower, tak­ing her am­u­let as proof of killing her. In hope that he may even­tu­ally be able to save Ely­dir by strip­ping her of her powers, the war­ded tower would only al­low her to leave if the am­u­let was re­turned and the tower’s door­way re­opened.

Lost hope. Faurin re­turned to the prince with the am­u­let, his vic­tory cel­eb­rated. He spent the rest of his life in high re­gard with the lord. He spent much time work­ing in secret to find a way to free Ely­dir but to no avail but over time, he be­came a frus­trated and bit­ter man, killing him­self in a deep de­pres­sion. Still cel­eb­rated, he was bur­ied with the fam­ily in the Tomb of the Last Re­hani, the am­u­let bur­ied with him. Des­pite his wish to leave the world, Faur­in’s know­ledge that there is no hope of stop­ping Ely­dir if bound him to the am­u­let as a pro­tector. If freed, his soul will travel to Mount Ce­les­tia.

Faur­in’s Traits 2

Ideal: Know­ledge. Through know­ledge the world can be bettered.

Bond: No mat­ter the wrong that Ely­dir has done, I love her.

Flaw: Though I will help oth­ers fight against Ely­dir, I will not let them kill her.

Banir Any-kin (Mor­can­loth) 2

An Ar­canaloth in dis­guised as a fair elf, Banir Any-kin, us­ing the Al­ter Self spell. In his pack are dark tomes, spell scrolls, and dark ar­cane com­pon­ents.

He seeks know­ledge and be­lieves that it will lead him to power and self agency. Dur­ing his travels, he has been in search of the Lost Book of Keep­ing that con­tains his name. When he sees something that is ma­gical or full of know­ledge, he can’t think of any­thing else other than how to get it.

He has taken a long and dif­fi­cult jour­ney to Lunia to find [Ith, the Orb of Em­pathy][ith] for Ely­dir, in ex­change for ac­cess to the lib­rar­ies. He knows that Faur­in’s loc­a­tion and that he has know­ledge of where Ith is.

He wears a Ring of Mind Shield­ing.

Already ex­hausted, if the char­ac­ters speak to him, he will show a very brief flash of an­noy­ance which any char­ac­ter who makes a suc­cess­ful check against a Wis­dom (In­sight) DC 19 will see. He will then po­litely give the reason to be­ing here is to trade with people in Hearts Faith.

He has bribed the cap­tain to hide him from any patrol ships that move nearby, pay­ing him with an old copy of a com­mon novel.

If he comes to learn who the char­ac­ters are, he will try to use them and their know­ledge to reach the weapon.

Qa’­lir and Qa’­por 2

The first of the Olinar-Ely­dir, Qa’­lir, trav­elled to De­naura to over­throw King Mor­cant and place a pup­pet in his place.

Qa’­lir’s sym­bol is a rope burn­ing in the middle. The sym­bol on the shared send­ing stone with Ely­dir is shown by a rope burn­ing in the middle un­der Ely­dir’s sym­bol.

The second, Qa’­por, is trav­el­ling to bring armies of evil creatures to Ely­dir’s side. It’s un­likely that the char­ac­ters will find Qa’­por, though they will find in­form­a­tion that will help them find Qa’­por in the fu­ture.

Qa’­por’s sym­bol is a shattered chain. The sym­bol on the shared send­ing stone with Ely­dir is shown by a shattered chain un­der Ely­dir’s sym­bol.

Qa’­lir and Qa’­por share a send­ing stone, the sym­bol shows a shattered chain and a burn­ing rope in a circle, tied to­gether.