The Van­quished: Ap­pendix B

Table of con­tents

A. Dawns­word Am­u­let 2

Ely­dir’s am­u­let used to bind her to the tower. If this is re­turned to her, she will be freed from her prison.

This is pro­tec­ted by a ward that pre­vents those who in­tend to free Ely­dir from find­ing it.

This can­not be des­troyed by nat­ural means.

B. Ful­crum. The Staff of Skon­arith 2

Skon­arith was a tyr­ant who dom­in­ated the world through his ma­gic. When he was de­feated, his soul was trapped his or­na­mental staff so that his powers could be har­nessed by the usurper. When the usurper be­came pos­sessed by the staff, it was split into three parts, split­ting its abil­it­ies: Ith, the Orb of Em­pathy; Sko, the Staff of Dom­in­a­tion; and Nar, the Braces of In­de­pend­ence.

Re­com­bin­ing the Staff 2

If each of the ele­ments is will­ing (or is forced), the staff can be re­formed from its parts.

Ith, the Orb of Em­pathy 2

Won­drous Item, Rare (re­quires at­tun­e­ment by a good creature)

A dark red pear­les­cent orb, its con­tents swirl­ing, was split from the Staff of Skon­arith. It is kept safe in Lunia, Mount Ce­les­tia, out of fear it may hold the evil of Skon­arith. If un­der the right con­di­tions, this can be re­com­bined with the other parts The Staff of Skon­arith.

The orb has 3 charges. While hold­ing it, you can use an ac­tion and ex­pend 1 charge to cast the de­tect thoughts spell (save DC 15) from it. The orb re­gains 1d3 ex­pen­ded charges daily at dawn.

Sen­tience. Ith is a sen­tient neut­ral good won­drous item with an In­tel­li­gence of 12, Cha­risma of 12, and Wis­dom of 18. It can read, speak, and un­der­stand Ce­les­tial and Com­mon. It can com­mu­nic­ate tele­path­ic­ally with any creature within 60ft and with any char­ac­ter that is at­tuned to it. It has hear­ing and vis­ion out for 30ft.

Per­son­al­ity. When feel­ing a par­tic­u­larly strong emo­tion, Ith will some­times lose con­trol of it­self and tele­path­ic­ally broad­cast this to other creatures nearby.

Ith is the em­pathy of Skon­arith, what little em­pathy there there was, but in sep­ar­a­tion from the rest, it has grown in power.Ith wants to pro­tect oth­ers from harm, es­pe­cially op­pres­sion, though, it be­lieves its own powers should only be used against those who dom­in­ate.

The orb misses Nar, the Braces of In­de­pend­ence, and wishes to be re­united with the bracers.

The orb is ashamed of its weak­ness and the hurt that caused to oth­ers and that it may end up be­ing by Sko again. If it is asked to use the powers against those who do not de­serve it, a con­flict will arise between it and its wielder.

Sko, the Staff of Dom­in­a­tion 2

Won­drous Item, Le­gendary (re­quires at­tun­e­ment)

It has the power to con­trol oth­ers.

Nar, the Braces of In­de­pend­ence 2

Won­drous Item, Le­gendary (re­quires at­tun­e­ment)

It has the power to shield it­self from dom­in­a­tion.