The Van­quished: Chapter 4

Table of con­tents

Nestled within a val­ley, the famed hot springs of Ay­meluman give life a chance to flour­ish, or at least to give res­pite from the harsh moun­tain­ous lands of De­nau. In the an­cient elvish vil­lage of Ay­meluma, people live simple lives. Good soils and warm air gift the elves with pros­per­ous farm­ing and many Ay­melumans sing to Chauntea for this bless­ing.

Over the re­cent months, life has­n’t been as easy as this for the Ay­melumans. There have been wolf at­tacks from the Forest of Beasts to the North East and the springs have been run­ning cold. Lady Alymir Glyn­lamin, like her an­cest­ors be­fore her, leads Ay­meluma, but the vil­lage does­n’t have the power to de­fend it­self. She hopes her call for help to neigh­bour­ing vil­lages and other lands will bring safety back to her vil­lage.

Only the Coun­cil of Eld­ers know the ter­rible secret of Ely­dir’s her­it­age, that she was one of them and they will take this secret to the grave. The old­est of the elves swore to never let this hap­pen again. When each elf reaches the age of 13, they make a vow never to use ma­gic. Born after the reign of Ely­dir, Glyn­lamin is un­aware of her re­la­tion to the vil­lage.

Ay­meluman lore 2

In ad­di­tion to the in­form­a­tion known to all Deni­ans, Ay­melumans know the fol­low­ing lore:

Areas of the vil­lage 2

Map of Aymeluma

Vil­lage square 2

When the char­ac­ters first enter the vil­lage square, read the fol­low­ing de­scrip­tion:

Marble build­ings sur­round the vil­lage square. Two grand build­ings, one to the east and the west stand taller than the oth­ers.

In the centre of the vil­lage square is a statue of wo­man sew­ing seeds. In front of it, five elves sing in beau­ti­ful har­mony, of­fer­ing fresh fruit and dried to the statue.

Through the square, you can hear the river Ayme rush un­der a small marble bridge, adding to the har­mony of the elves.

Mar­ket 2

The mar­ket runs on every sev­enth day of each tenday. Avail­able at the mar­ket are: a baker, fresh goods, dried goods, a fletcher, a clothier, a black­smith, and a car­penter. The fresh goods are lim­ited due to the springs run­ning cold. The craftspeople will have a small num­ber of com­mon goods and will ac­cept com­mis­sions for twice the price.

Glyn­lamin res­id­ence 2

This clean pol­ished marble build­ing looks like grown than carved. The walls gently curve and there’s barely a crack between the stones. A small garden has over­grown.

Ro­le­play­ing Lady Alymir Glyn­lamin 2

The leader of the Ay­meluma, Lady Alymir Glyn­lamin (NG fe­male elf noble), does not place her­self above the rest of the elves in the vil­lage. She has lead the vil­lage for 100 years and over that time she has come to be­lieve in their tra­di­tion of sup­port through com­munity.

However, Lady Glyn­lamin is at odds with the Coun­cil of Eld­ers and does­n’t trust them as much as she wants to. She knows they hide a secret about the past of the vil­lage but has failed to get any use­ful in­form­a­tion about them. She will only ad­mit this to those that she trusts and she will swear them to secrecy.

From the war against Ely­dir that Lady Glyn­lamin lived through child­hood (though she did­n’t know the cause), she has a fear of vi­ol­ent con­flict and will avoid it at all cost. Be­cause of this, the vil­lage barely has a mi­li­tia. Dur­ing the wolf at­tacks

Re­cently, Lady Glyn­lamin has had the hard task of lead­ing Ay­meluma through dis­aster after dis­aster. While the vil­la­gers has worked hard to sup­port one, she has real­ised that. She will wel­come whatever sup­port from out­side the vil­lage.

Hid­den proph­ecy 2

There is a proph­ecy hid­den on the back of the main tapestry - it is un­known to Alymir and its ori­gin is un­known.

The liar tricks them to un­bind.
Her lover fights again and fails.
The raider strikes at all their kind.
Her captor flees to moun­tain trails.
The caster’s end to search and find,
Her fighter tells his an­cient tales.

Coun­cil of Eld­ers 2

Shafina res­id­ence 2

Ro­le­play­ing the Shafina fam­ily 2

Fires of the Spring - Smithy 2

The Eas­ing Wa­ter - Inn 2

Grain­sheaf Farm 2

Map of Grainsheaf Farm

A marble single story farm­house faces out to the north to large wheat fields. Wind flows across the tall wheat, which looks limp and pale.

Bey­ond, a dark pine forest looms.

The farm owned by Kendel and Tor­oss Umelee, two mar­ried male elves. The farm has been suf­fer­ing from the fail­ing springs and their crops are weakened be­cause of it.

Ro­le­play­ing the Umelee fam­ily 2

Kendel Umelee. Broader than most other elves, Kendel (NG male elf com­moner) is fiercely pro­tect­ive of Tor­oss and the farm. He has heard of the re­cent wolf at­tacks to the other farms and has car­ried. He car­ries a scythe to de­fend his fam­ily and a horn to warn the rest of the vil­lage. While he is an ex­pert farmer, Kendel has no ex­per­i­ence fight­ing with the scythe.

He be­lieves that the wolves aren’t after food but are con­trolled by something evil as they have only been at­tack­ing people.

Tor­oss Umelee. Scep­tical of the Kendel’s ideas about the wolves, Tor­oss (N male elf com­moner) is wor­ried about Kendel’s plans to de­fend the farm.

1. Boot room 2

The smell of mud and dirt fills the air. Dirty boots and smal­ler farm­ing equip­ment is stored on the right. There is one wooden door op­pos­ite you and one to the left.

2. Din­ing room 2

The fur­niture is del­ic­ately but simply craf­ted. A table and chairs in the centre of the room, and a cab­inet against the wall. There is a door to the left.

3. Kit­chen and store 2

The door to this room is locked.

4. Par­lour 2

Simple, well loved fur­niture. Paint­ing of Kendel and Tor­oss.

5. Bed­room 2

Single double bed.

6. Barn 2

Horse and equip­ment in barn.

Forest clear­ing 2

To the south of the vil­lage is a large clear­ing in the forest. This is of­ten used for vil­lage fest­ivals.

Spe­cial events 2

Wolf at­tack 2

This event hap­pens when the char­ac­ters first ar­rive at the vil­lage. To the north of Grain­sheaf farm, wolves be­gin to at­tack. Im­me­di­ately, the Kendel Umelee of the farm will sound a horn and then Tor­oss will run to the vil­lage.

You hear a long horn blast to the north. A few seconds later you hear a man shout­ing “the wolves are at­tack­ing our farm, they’re get­ting my hus­band.”

Four wolves are at­tack­ing the elves at the farm, aim­ing to at­tack the people and not any live­stock or other an­im­als. These wolves can’t be frightened off but will flee when two of the wolves have been killed.

Add the fol­low­ing de­scrip­tion to the Grain­sheaf farm:

Al­most hid­den by the wheat, you see an elf (Kendel) swinging a scythe at two wolves who are ap­proach­ing him. An­other wolf jumps out from the wheat at him.

Once the wolves have been killed or driven off, the char­ac­ters will be urged to seek Lady Ay­meluma by most bystand­ers. Lady Ay­meluma will be shaken by the at­tack. She will of­fer 50gp to the party for find­ing the source of the at­tacks and an­other 50gp for stop­ping them.

Sworn­night 2

Night to hon­our the dead and tell stor­ies about them.

Fire and mu­sic.

In­va­sion 2

As part of get­ting ven­geance on the…

Ap­proach­ing the vil­lage 2

When the play­ers ap­proach the vil­lage after the in­va­sion, read the fol­low­ing de­scrip­tion.

There’s a stench on the wind. An op­press­ive, ma­lig­nant smell. Blood. Smoke.

Through the trees, you can see glimpses of the or­nate stone build­ings with walls charred.

All of the build­ings are either fully des­troyed or

Vil­lage square 2

When the char­ac­ters ar­rive in the vil­lage square:

The stench of de­struc­tion is over­power­ing here.

The small river flows se­renely, des­pite the ter­rible scenes in front of you. On the north side of the river, you can see a small town square, dark click red patches cover the paved square.

Most of the other build­ings have col­lapsed, their con­tents smoul­der­ing and their white husks blackened. Crack­ing stains of car­mine are scattered along their walls. There are broken carved pil­lars and arches - hints of the elab­or­ate pat­terns and or­nate struc­tures.

On the west side of the town square, a slightly lar­ger build­ing is still mostly stand­ing. Its walls are blackened, like most of the oth­ers, and you can see that the ceil­ing has col­lapsed in a few places.

If the char­ac­ters have got to this vil­lage within a day of the at­tack De­naura, if they make a suc­cess­ful DC20 Wis­dom (Per­cep­tion) check to hear if any­thing is in the area, they will hear what sounds like dis­tant shout­ing to the south.

In­vest­ig­a­tion checks DC15 will show signs of dragged bod­ies to carts and tracks to the south.

Hid­ing girl 2

If the play­ers have made it to the vil­lage within three days of the at­tack, they will find a young elven girl, Shyrrik Shafina trapped in the Glyn­lamin res­id­ence. She will shout for the play­ers if she sees or hears them.

She will want her mother, Pharom Shafina, who she saw be­ing dragged away by orcs. She will re­mem­ber see­ing a cloaked fig­ure with the orcs.

If they fail to make it within three days, they will find Shyrrik Shafina’s body in­stead.

This is the lar­ger build­ing in the town, the walls are blackened like most of the oth­ers and some of the ceil­ing has col­lapsed on parts but the

The doors out­side the build­ing show the sym­bol of Ely­dir, on them.

Piled in the centre of the room is smoul­der­ing fur­niture and books.

The proph­ecy 2

Within the Glyn­lamin res­id­ence, the proph­ecy.

The liar to un­bind.
lover fights again and
The raider strikes kind.
Her to moun­tain trails.
end to search
Her fighter tells tales.

Orc en­camp­ment 2

For two days after the in­va­sion, there will be an orc en­camp­ment.

Within this en­camp­ment, there are about twenty-five elves are in cages; one of the elves looks like Ely­dir but younger. There are ten large orcs are camp­ing.

A black or­nate tent is next to the fire. The same sym­bol on the mes­sen­ger stone is on the tent. Two orogs guard this tent. In­side the tent, is Qa’­por. If she sees the play­ers, she will try to at­tack them and sub­due them, to cap­ture them for tor­ture.