Ma­jor events

The Van­quished: Chapter 3

Table of con­tents

Events in De­nau after 2

While the play­ers are in Mount Ce­les­tia, Ely­dir is still mov­ing against them in their home plane. Con­sult the fol­low­ing list for the hap­pen­ings on the numbered day:

  1. -
  2. -
  3. Orcs move to take Car­nelu
  4. -
  5. Car­nelu, a vil­lage east of the De­nau moun­tains, is taken by the Orcs
  6. A band of rouges break into the City of De­naura and kid­nap the elvish chil­dren
  7. Ely­dir finds the Wiz­ard who knows of the loc­a­tion of Nar
  8. -
  9. Ely­dir sends an Or­cish army to put De­naura un­der siege
  10. -
  11. -
  12. De­naura is un­der siege by the Or­cish army
  13. -
  14. Lady Per­tana is as­sas­sin­ated
  15. De­naura is taken and is ruled un­der mar­shal law
  16. Ely­dir makes De­naura her cap­ital

Ad­di­tion­ally, on the second day, the play­ers will re­ceive a taunt­ing mes­sage on the send­ing stone: “You are fools to leave at such a time!”

Ran­dom en­coun­ters 2

Use the ran­dom moun­tain en­coun­ters for every quarter day of travel (apart from the first day). Use 1d6 to de­term­ine whether the char­ac­ters find a loc­a­tion, land­mark, or fea­ture.

Dur­ing night, use the long rest events table.

Ru­mours 2

  1. At­tacks from un­sa­voury creatures in the area have de­creased and there have been fewer sight­ings
  2. Neigh­bour­ing lord in Limecall has re­cently passed away
  3. Cave in at the old tomb
  4. Beast people have been sighted in the woods to the north west of De­naura

It’s been a week since you have freed the City of De­naura from Qa’­lir’s con­trol. Since then, you’ve been paid a 250gp each to help se­cure the city from the creatures re­main­ing here and the castle. You’ve made good pro­gress and are to meet with Lady Per­tana, who is still rul­ing the city in the place of King Mor­cant. Dur­ing this time you’ve seen a lot of things: con­structs made by Qa’­lir fight any­thing around them; sta­tioned wights murder in­no­cents; and lots of flee­ing cult­ists

Right now, you’re in Lady Per­tana’s study dis­cuss­ing the pro­gress in pro­tect­ing the city. Per­tana is sit­ting at her desk. There are pa­pers piled and an empty glass of wine. Her eyes are blood­shot and

“We’ve been able to bring in some more of our guards from the sur­round­ing areas,” Per­tana says. "We’ve seen an abate­ment in the re­ports of ban­dit and gob­lin at­tack which is a great re­lief.

"I’m very grate­ful for the work that you’ve been put­ting in over the past week. Without your help, I’m doubt­ful that the city will have sur­vived.

“Since the at­tack, we’ve been able to gather from our pris­on­ers that Qa’­lir was plan­ning something call-”

A pier­cing screech in­ter­rupts Per­tana, “for what you have done - Mer­i­ele, El­mon, and Aseir - you will know only pain.”

You each hear a whis­per of a dis­cord­ant melody and are wracked with a ter­rible pain. The room spins and your vis­ion blurs.

At this point, ask the char­ac­ters to make a Wis­dom Sav­ing Throw (DC 19). On a failed save, the char­ac­ters take 5d6 psychic dam­age. On a suc­cess­ful save, the char­ac­ters take half.

The melody sub­sides. After re­ori­ent­at­ing yourselves, you real­ise that the sound seemed to come from Mer­i­ele.

Per­tana is stand­ing and look­ing shocked and con­cerned but looks un­harmed. She is point­ing at Mer­i­ele and says “What was that! It came from you!”

The Let­ter 2

Meet at the Watch­er’s Tav­ern in Jairnt, North of De­naura, on the night of the next new moon. There’s a mat­ter to dis­cuss that af­fects many people’s lives. I can provide you with a sig­ni­fic­ant re­ward if you agree to help. Please be dis­crete.

Bring El­mon and Mer­i­ele.

You’ve heard news and ru­mours or a re­cent de­pos­ition of King Mor­cant, the old leader of the City of De­naura.

The pe­ti­tioner 2

After a few minutes in the tav­ern, a tall hooded fig­ure wear­ing a worn trav­el­ler’s cloak ap­proaches from one of the corners. The fig­ure takes a chair from a neigh­bour­ing table, and places it at yours, im­me­di­ately sit­ting. The fig­ure, in a grace­ful voice, says, “Good even­ing, Prince Aseir, El­mon, and Mer­i­ele. I’m glad to see that you’ve answered my re­quest to dis­cuss a mat­ter with you.”

From the voice, you can tell that this per­son is un­mis­tak­ably a wo­man

The wo­man’s pe­ti­tion to the char­ac­ter’s:

The city’s pre­vi­ous leader, King Mor­cant, has been sup­planted by Lord Tel­netar. Tel­netar was once the leader of one of the three great noble houses in De­naura. The two re­main­ing ma­jor noble houses in De­naura have stayed quiet and kept to their own busi­ness.

It’s odd, be­cause Tel­netar, when he was a noble was good-hearted and so­ci­able. Now, he rarely leaves the castle and gives tyr­an­nical and harsh or­ders to quash any op­pos­i­tion to his rule. The people of the city are liv­ing and act­ing out of fear.

My re­quest of you, ad­ven­tur­ers, is that you find out what Tel­netar is do­ing and put a stop to it. You must stick to­gether and be dis­crete or I think it is likely that you will be doomed to fail.

The pe­ti­tioner is Ju­via, the daugh­ter of King Mor­cant, well versed in the polit­ics of the city, poised to be the next Lord of the city. She fled with her father dur­ing Tel­net­ar’s vi­ol­ent coup, after they saw the power in their as­sail­ants.

She is a 5th-level School of Evoc­a­tion Wiz­ard. Her in­tel­li­gence score is 17, in­tel­li­gence mod­i­fier +3, spell save DC 14, spell at­tack mod­i­fier +6.

The sort of in­form­a­tion this per­son knows:

The char­ac­ters can iden­ti­fier her if they suc­ceed on a DC 16 In­vest­ig­a­tion check, if they have pre­vi­ously met King Mor­cant in his castle for a ban­quet. If the char­ac­ters verbally identify her in a way that’s heard, they will be as­saul­ted on the way to De­naura by five ban­dits who de­mand more in­form­a­tion from the char­ac­ters.

She will give them 100gp each for the troubles so far.

Ely­dir and the Olin­arEly­dir 2

Since her es­cape us­ing her am­u­let, Ely­dir’s has been plan­ning to re­lease great evil on the world as re­venge for her pro­longed im­pris­on­ment. The char­ac­ters will re­mem­ber the sym­bol on her am­u­let as a rising sun be­hind a dag­ger point­ing down (this was not re­vealed to the play­ers in Un­bound but the char­ac­ters will re­cog­nise it).

Elydir's symbol showing a rising sun behind a dagger pointingdown

Ely­dir works in total secrecy, con­ceal­ing her loc­a­tion with ma­gic. She com­mands two loyal spellcasters Qa’­lir and Qa’­por, known to her as the Olin­arEly­dir. Qa’­lir and Qa’­por are twins. They are know to com­mon folk as “The Van­quished Fist”.

Olin­arEly­dir 2

The Olin­arEly­dir have been tasked with bring­ing De­nau un­der her con­trol. Ely­dir com­mu­nic­ates with the Olin­arEly­dir us­ing send­ing stones, each carved with Ely­dir’s sym­bol and their own.

The City of De­naura 2

The prosper­ity of De­naura has now passed. The in­flu­ence of Qa’­lir has spread cor­rup­tion in al­most all parts of the city.

The De­pos­ition of King Mor­cant 2

Qa’­lir ar­rived in De­naura and quickly garnered re­spect as a rich mer­chant with the nobles. She quickly be­came close to Tel­netar, even­tu­ally cast­ing a spell to force Tel­netar to do her bid­ding and threat­en­ing Tel­net­ar’s fam­ily.

Qa’­lir spent the next few weeks build­ing a new guard force for Tel­netar. Buy­ing some of them, threat­en­ing some of them, and re­pla­cing some by ap­pren­tice spell casters. She per­son­ally re­placed the old guard cap­tain

King Mor­cant had reg­u­lar meet­ings with Tel­netar, and Qa’­lir used this to stage the coup. Tel­netar, at­tend­ing this meet­ing bring­ing his guards along, cit­ing a re­cent at­tempt against his life, and was al­lowed to keep the guards with him.

When the Tel­netar and the guards ar­rived for the meet­ing in the castle’s par­lour, they im­me­di­ately fought King Mor­cant’s guards, at­tempt­ing to kill the Lord. Qa’­lir and the re­placed guards used dark ma­gic dur­ing the fight. Tel­netar, real­ising a flaw in the ma­gic that was bind­ing him to Qa’­lir’s ma­gic, told King Mor­cant to flee dur­ing the fight. King Mor­cant, real­ising the threat, fled with his fam­ily.

The Kid­nap­ping of Tel­net­ar’s Fam­ily 2

After Tel­net­ar’s dis­obedi­ence to Qa’­lir, Qa’­lir ordered Tel­net­ar’s fam­ily to be kid­napped to en­sure Tel­net­ar’s good be­ha­viour.

Qa’­lir in De­naura 2

Qa’­lir’s ser­vants are wights.

Qa’­lir has spies throughout all parts of the city, from beg­gars to ser­vants in the re­main­ing noble’s houses. It only takes hours for dis­plays of re­bel­lion to reach the ears of Qa’­lir. These spies have been bribed or threatened by Qa’­lir’s ser­vants.

Guards 2

One of Qa’­lir’s first dir­ector or­ders through Tel­netar as a pup­pet was to re­place the head of the guard with one of her wight ser­vants, Kexor. One of Kex­or’s first or­ders was to kid­nap Tel­net­ar’s fam­ily.

In gen­eral, the guards now live in fear of Lord Tel­netar and Kexor where be­fore they were happy to serve. Severe dis­obedi­ence usu­ally leads to cor­poral or cap­ital pun­ish­ment. The guards are rarely used by the city gov­ern­ment to pre­vent crime but in­stead are used to pre­vent the up­ris­ing of the people.

Guards are rarely pun­ished for vil­lainy and some (roughly 3/​10) are rev­el­ling in it.

A rare few very good natured guards (roughly 1/​10) will be will­ing to help the char­ac­ters, es­pe­cially if they see something that makes them real­ise the cor­rup­tion. These guards will usu­ally do it privately fear­ing the other guards. Most will be caught at some point.

The re­main­ing guards will fol­low most com­mands from their su­per­i­ors out of fear.

Ci­vil­ians 2

Crime is now rife in the city, though very little of it is or­gan­ised. Qa’­lir has killed or threatened most of the gangs within the city.

Between har­ass­ment from guards and the rising crime in the city, most of the ci­vil­ians are down­trod­den. A lot of ci­vil­ians be­lieve that Tel­netar was just wait­ing to seize the op­por­tun­ity to take the city.