The Van­quished: Chapter

Table of con­tents

De­naura is a pros­per­ous an­cient city which has sur­vived thou­sands of years of change.

Nobles 2

Mor­cant 2

The Princes of De­nau

Tel­netar 2

The fam­ily of Tel­netar were some of the earlier sup­port­ers of the Mor­cant’s and have main­tained a very close re­la­tion­ship with the crown. They were a rich mer­chant fam­ily, fo­cus­sing on rich foods and drinks.

The leader of the Tel­netar, Men­eri Tel­netar is cur­rently con­trolled by Qa’­lir.

Farnit 2

The fam­ily of Farnit own mul­tiple mines, ran­ging from eco­nomic metals to pre­cious metals and stones.

Per­tana 2

The fam­ily of Per­thana own a large amount of the land.

Ap­proach­ing De­naura 2

You’re fol­low­ing the road south to­wards the city, through the forest in the foot­hills of the moun­tain. The ground is icy and a thin layer of snow cov­ers the road. Most of the trees are bare.

The forest clears after a few miles, show­ing the bare foot­hills sur­round­ing the City of De­naura which is a few miles away. Though most of the city is hid­den from you by the sur­round­ing val­ley, you can see the fa­mil­iar sight of the scarred city walls and a few of the taller build­ings that are in the lower parts of the city. The city gate is open but only a few people are passing in and out of it. Smoke rises from some of the chim­neys of the homesteads but their farms are quiet. A few look to be en­tirely aban­doned.

Nestled in a steep val­ley is a small city: the val­ley’s im­pass­able nat­ural walls over­shad­ow­ing the stone-craf­ted ones. There’s a castle bur­rowed into the top reaches where the sur­round­ing moun­tains draw closest. A single gate­house guards the walls that span the bot­tom of the steep val­ley.

City gates 2

As you ap­proach the city, you can see that the walls scarred and worn, some newer stone­work re­places sec­tions.

A steady flow of people are passing in and out of the gates. A couple of bored look­ing guards stand­ing on either side, al­most ig­nor­ing the small rabble.

Any­one who wants to know the his­tory of the city and makes a suc­cess­ful DC 15 In­tel­li­gence (His­tory) check knows that it’s an

The guards give the char­ac­ters no trouble en­ter­ing the city.

En­ter­ing the gates 2

You’ve passed through the city gates. A busy main street climbs up. Be­hind the stone houses that are set against the moun­tain­side, you can see the tops of the castle’s towers.

The street, lead­ing to the city’s square, is lined with an as­sort­ment of busy mar­ket stalls. Farm­ers and mer­chants are bar­ter­ing. A pro­ces­sion of robed fig­ures part the crowd, walk­ing away from you to­wards the centre of the city. Guards wander, chat­ting with mer­chants, watch­ing the stalls.

Here the char­ac­ters have a whole range of op­tions for find­ing out where the tomb is:

Temple of Il­ma­ter 2

In the centre of the city’s square, there’s a large round build­ing. Out­side, there’s a statue of a bound man on his knees weep­ing. The fig­ure is scarred and his limbs are at un­set­tling angles. On it, in com­mon, is in­scribed:

We wel­come all to the house of Il­ma­ter.

At the temple, the char­ac­ters will be en­cour­aged by a greeter, who will in­tro­duce them­selves as Wurcon, to pray.

The temple has a scholar that knows of the local tombs. Wurcon will take the char­ac­ters to the her in the “re­cords” room fur­ther in the temple.

Wurcon pushes a small door open that takes you into a small room small room, only a few feet wide, lit by candles. The room has a few book­cases in it, with scrolls and tomes on their shelves.

Des­pite you en­ter­ing the room rather loudly, a young wo­man who is hunched at the desk, has not looked up from the scroll she was read­ing. Next to her is a dis­carded plate of bread and cheese.

“Glanna. Glanna? Glanna! Hey! We have some trav­el­lers look­ing for some in­form­a­tion about a nearby Tomb and I was hop­ing you could help them.”

It seems to take her a little to re­turn to the world from the text, and she still glances back to it.

The scholar will help the char­ac­ters but won’t do it gladly. She will be sharp with them and not really go­ing too much out of her way to give them in­form­a­tion.

The scholar, sigh­ing, will find a map and will point the char­ac­ters to the cor­rect place on a map. She knows a little of the his­tory of the tombs.

This is to the Tomb of the Last Re­hani where the old Kings are bur­ied — this is from be­fore our cur­rent rulers, the Mor­cant fam­ily came here. Un­for­tu­nately — we those who wor­ship Il­ma­ter (the God of En­dur­ance) — we’re not that good at keep­ing de­tailed re­cords of his­tory.

From my study of our small col­lec­tion of his­tor­ies, I can tell you that their rule was tu­mul­tu­ous. There were dif­fer­ent powers at play within the city lead­ers. I think that lead to their de­clin­ing power and, ul­ti­mately, to the mar­riage of their daugh­ter with the Mor­cant fam­ily.

I’m sorry I can’t be any more help­ful with the de­tails here.

You’re wel­come to read through the books on his­tory that we have here but I don’t think you’ll find much more than I’ve given you. If you do choose to do so, I’d prefer for you to go else­where so as not to cause any more dis­trac­tion to me.

The Dragon’s Claw 2

Fight­ing away the cold, a roar­ing fire crackles. The funk of pipe weed smoke and stale beer linger. There are a few people sit­ting around the inn: a small group of younger men are play­ing dice, a hooded fig­ure watch­ing the door from an al­cove, a wo­man hunched at the bar.

Be­hind the bar a bald­ing man with sil­ver hair is clean­ing tank­ards.

At the inn, the bar–keep, March, will very gladly wel­come the char­ac­ters to sit at the al­most–empty bar and to have a drink. He will gladly tell mildly ac­cur­ate stor­ies about a nearby tomb.

I don’t know of the Tomb of the Last Re­hani but there is an old tomb out­side the city. The old Lords of this city are bur­ied there.

Ooooo­hhh, there’s lots of ru­mours about this place. Some people say it’s haunted by a ghost sworn to pro­tect it. Oth­ers say that the dead them­selves walk the halls. I know that a scholar from the castle lib­rary went there re­cently never to re­turn.

I doubt it’s the dead that got her, though. Much more likely that it’s the gob­lins that use the place as a hide–out. I know that’s not a ru­mour! They don’t really cause a prob­lem to the people in the city so the Lord here has­n’t done any­thing about them.

He con­tin­ues to ramble about the troubles that the gob­lins cause to the farm­ers.

Up­per city 2

As your tir­ing jour­ney takes you higher up the city, closer to the castle, the build­ings be­come closer to­gether, mak­ing the city nar­rower. Closest to the castle, the path fol­lows the side of one of the val­ley walls with large man­sions on the other side.

The Castle 2

Castle wall 2

The castle’s wall is guarded by eight guards.

Even­tu­ally, you pass the last build­ing and ahead of you are the walls to the castle. These walls stretch across the val­ley from one side to an­other, though that space is now only 50 ft.

Be­hind the walls you can see a stone castle with two towers at the front. Lay­ers con­tinue be­hind it, each one build­ing on the moun­tain’s in­cline.

The path takes you to the centre of this wall to a gate­house. There are 4 guards stand­ing at this en­trance, bar­ring your way. More stand on the wall.

The guards will only al­low the play­ers to pass un­der the con­di­tion of be­ing ac­com­pan­ied by a guard if:

Castle court­yard 2

Through the gate is a court­yard and gar­dens, the castle about 60ft away from you. In the centre is a foun­tain, al­though there’s no wa­ter flow­ing.

Here, you can only see the front of the castle, a round tower built up against the walls of the moun­tain. Large carved wooden doors are closed at the front, a guard stand­ing on either side.

There’s al­most a dir­ect path along the middle to­wards the wooden doors. A path runs to the right, fol­low­ing the val­ley’s wall, to a smal­ler side en­trance with little or­na­ment­a­tion.

Ser­vants’ cor­ridor 2

The stone cor­ridor is nar­row. Plain doors

Path to the secret en­trance 2

This cave en­trance can be seen with a tele­scope or sim­ilar ob­ject from dis­tance.

The char­ac­ters will have to find a way to get up to the cave en­trance which is 150ft up the cliff or 50ft across the cliff.

If they have the ap­pro­pri­ate gear, they will be able to do it without any checks.

Cave en­trance 2

The cave is damp and slip­pery. It looks like it’s been hewn from the rock. There is no light and the you can’t see the end.

At the end of the pas­sage, the char­ac­ters can see it open out into the bridge across the chasm.

Bridge across the chasm 2

From earlier in the pas­sage, you could have mis­takenly think this opened into a room. It is, however, a huge chasm. On both your side and the other side there’s a bal­cony about 50 feet across, with bal­us­trades on the sides. Across the middle is a bridge that’s 10 feet across and about 40 feet long. The bridge does­n’t have any rail­ing.

To the left and right of the bridge on both bal­conies, statues look ahead with swords held out.

At the far end is a door, in front of which is a small ob­elisk.

The statues will wake (An­im­ated Ar­mour) un­less the char­ac­ters bow to them. If the char­ac­ters bow to them after they wake, they will re­turn to their guard­ing po­s­i­tions.

When the play­ers reach the ob­elisk:

The ob­elisk has a small roun­ded in­dent at the top.

The key (the small orb) must be placed on the top of the ob­elisk for the door to open. The char­ac­ters will hear a click when they put it on top of the ob­elisk.

Be­hind the door is a spiral stair­case that leads up­wards.

Up to the castle 2

A spiral stair­case takes the char­ac­ters up­wards. When the reach the top of the spiral stair­case, they will reach a wall with a lever. The wall will have small eye holes that the char­ac­ters can see through which they will see by the light com­ing out of them. They will be able to hear a man weep­ing.

The char­ac­ters will be able to see through the holes in the wall a throne room, with torches on the wall. A man is on a throne, weep­ing.

Pulling the lever will cause the wall to slide open, caus­ing a loud scrap­ing sound.

This wall will re­veal the throne room.

The throne room 2

The throne room is set up for din­ing, full of tables and chairs. There is nobody else in the room apart from the weep­ing man. At the far end of the room is a set of double doors.

The scrap­ing noise of the wall open­ing will cause the man to jump up in sur­prise. He will shout “You should­n’t be here. Leave! Run!”

The mo­ment he shouts that, you hear a loud crack and a cloaked fig­ure ap­pears, push­ing the man back into his throne. She has a chiseled face is ob­sidian with dark blue streaks and she has white hair. She has a sym­bol of a sun em­blazoned on her cloak with a dag­ger in front of it.

The fig­ure laughs and with an elvish ac­cent says, “Shut up old man.”

"Now, now, this is a sur­prise. I heard you were in the city, El­mon, Mer­i­ele, and Aseir. Ru­mours of your de­struc­tion in the city over the last few days have reached my ears. I was­n’t ex­pect­ing to find you right in here, though!

“Let me in­tro­duce my­self, I am Qa’­lir Olin­arEly­dir.” She bows. "I am glad to be fi­nally meet­ing you. You see, I am in great debt to you, it’s through your ac­tions that I can be here today.

“Please! Sit! I’ll call the ser­vants in and they can bring us some food.”

If the char­ac­ters don’t sit, she will start walk­ing to­wards them the torches in the room will flicker, she will raise her hand to­wards them and shout “I will en­joy des­troy­ing you. Hahahahahaha!”

If the char­ac­ters do sit:

She claps and two wights come in through the doors at the end of the throne room.

“It’s my hon­our to rep­res­ent Ely­dir in this city. She sent me here to take the city. The de­struc­tion that I’ve been able to cause.”

She smirks and laughs.

"With you here now, I would like to make you an of­fer. I’ve seen what havoc you can wreak.

“Join me, swear al­le­gi­ance to Ely­dir. We can cause so much dev­ast­a­tion.”

If the play­ers re­fuse to join her, she will cast cloudkill on where the play­ers are and misty step away.

The Castle Lib­rary 2

The large room is filled with books and scrolls. Every ac­cess­ible inch of the room is taken up by shelves with the nar­row­est of spaces between them.

A man dressed in robes is mov­ing books to what some­body might call a desk, al­though it could just be more stor­age.

He hap­pily gasps as you walk in, smil­ing.

Info about Ely­dir’s his­tory and nearby elven vil­lage, Ay­meluma, from the sym­bol that they show the. The sym­bol that he knows of does­n’t in­clude the chain.

Things that the castle lib­rar­ian knows:

He will ex­plain to the play­ers about the tomb’s loc­a­tion and how to get there, al­though that they don’t know much about it now — the mad King Bleiduid Mor­cant a few gen­er­a­tions ago de­man­ded the burn­ing of any­thing about the Re­hanis. He will ex­plain that one of his ap­pren­tices went there a few weeks ago but never re­turned, which he sounds very sad about. He will ask them to see if they can find this ap­pren­tice.

Iron­wood Street hideout 2

Iron­wood Street is a small back-ally of a much lar­ger road in the city.

A sym­bol shown to the play­ers by Xolbi can be found here, and it marks the loc­a­tion of the hideout. This can be found us­ing a DC 16 per­cep­tion check, or by us­ing thieves cant.

The en­trance to the hideout is a small door which is locked that re­quires a DC 18 check to un­lock it, or a DC 15 Strength check.

This opens out into a small, 15ft by 20ft room. The room has a table, and a chair and the floor is covered in straw. At the other end of the room is a stair­case that leads down, torches on the walls.

A cloaked man stands in the room with a knife out, li­quid glistens on the blade.

This man is an as­sas­sin who will de­fend the stair­well.

This door leads into a brightly lit room. The room is rect­an­gu­lar and is 20 ft on the side you just entered on, and 30ft long. Along the walls are sconces filled with flame.

There are two po­di­ums in the room, one 5ft away from you, the other 5ft away from the other wall. The closest po­dium has a glass orb on it.

At the other end of the room, there is a stone door­way but no handle or key­hole.

There’s a door at the other end of the room which will be opened if the orb is moved from one po­dium to the other.

When the orb is re­moved, the char­ac­ters must suc­ceed on a DC 22 Dex­ter­ity sav­ing throw or else be thrown to a ran­dom place in the room. The per­son hold­ing the orb must suc­ceed on a DC 12 Dex­ter­ity sav­ing throw or else drop and smash the orb.

In the room be­hind the door, there’s 200gp, an an­tique carved wood plate, in­laid with bone (40gp), a sturdy ala­baster fig­ur­ine of a tower, set with a chalcedony (80gp), and a dur­able adam­antine bowl, in­laid with plat­inum (500gp). On top of the pile is a simple golden crown, which is the Re­hani crown.

City of De­naura 2

Jour­ney to De­naura 2

Ap­proach­ing the city 2

There are eight guards at gate, two on each side, four stand­ing in a line across the middle. When the char­ac­ters reach the gate, the guard closest to the middle on the right will ask the char­ac­ters to halt and as what their in­ten­tions in the city are.

If the guards think the char­ac­ters are sus­pi­cious, they will let them in the city but re­port them to Qa’­lir.

The main street 2

Where the main street was pre­vi­ously busy and full of life, only a few stalls re­main staffed. Sit­ting in the al­ley­ways and streets are beg­gars.

The beg­gar out­side the Dragon’s Claw 2

The beg­gar, as the char­ac­ters pass the Dragon’s Claw, will say “If you El­mon, a little help for an old friend.” It will re­quire a DC 18 In­tel­li­gence (In­vest­ig­a­tion) roll for him to re­cog­nise it’s the lib­rar­ian from the castle. In any case, in ex­change for food and drink, he will prom­ise the char­ac­ters some in­form­a­tion if they will speak in a private place. If the char­ac­ters ig­nore the beg­gar, he will seek them if they enter the Dragon’s Claw, claim­ing to the bar­man that he’s re­turn­ing an item to the char­ac­ters that they dropped out­side.

In the private place, he will help the will give the char­ac­ters some in­form­a­tion about the de­pos­ition of the old King Mor­cant where the Lord and his daugh­ter es­caped.

The Dragon’s Claw 2

The mood in the dragons claw is a lot less friendly than the last time.

The bar­keep will be happy to serve them. He will try very hard to sell them on ac­com­mod­a­tion for the night that would nor­mally be con­sidered com­fort­able.

The char­ac­ters may hear about a re­cent an­nounce­ment that a clerk from the Temple of Il­ma­ter is go­ing to be ex­ecuted in the morn­ing of the next day.

The Temple of Il­ma­ter 2

A few guards will be in the Temple of Il­ma­ter, ar­guing with a senior priest that the char­ac­ters will re­cog­nise as Wurcon.

“She is a mem­ber of the Il­ma­teri, you have no right to ar­rest her as no other Lord has be­fore,” shouts Wurcon.

“Do not blame us for her ar­rest old man,” one of the guards says, “the or­der came dir­ect from Lord Tel­netar and it was his own guards that cap­tured her. We are only un­der or­ders to pre­pare for her ex­e­cu­tion.”

As Wurcon steps for­ward an­grily, “You must-.” The si­lent guard pushes him to the ground and says, “Do not threaten us, there is noth­ing we can do.”

Wurcon, if helped by the char­ac­ters, will take the char­ac­ters to a side room to ex­plain the re­cent events re­gard­ing their clerk, Glanna. He will know that Glanna left, say­ing that she had some temple busi­ness at the Tel­netar man­sion, though he now thinks that she was up to something.

Farnit’s man­sion 2

If the char­ac­ters go to Farnit’s man­sion, they will be in­formed by ser­vants that their mas­ter is not around. The ser­vant will know where Farnit is but is re­luct­ant to re­veal that in­form­a­tion.

Per­tana’s man­sion 2

If the char­ac­ters go to Per­tana’s man­sion, they will find both Farnit and Per­tana “dis­cuss­ing busi­ness” in the study. The ser­vants will be re­luct­ant to let them see the nobles.

The rooms in the man­sion are well dec­or­ated and it’s clear that Per­tana is rich.

Farnit and Per­tana will be shocked to be in­ter­rup­ted, will try to hide all of the doc­u­ments that they have out, draw weapons and will be­rate their ser­vants for in­ter­rupt­ing them. They won’t at­tack straight away but Per­tana will be­grudgingly ask the play­ers, “What busi­ness is so im­port­ant that you must in­ter­rupt our private meet­ing?”

The study is large with books and parch­ment on large book cases on the wall. Wood pan­el­ling sur­rounds the room and it is or­nately dec­or­ated. A fire crackles in the large fire­place.

A portly middle-aged gen­tle­man is look­ing over parch­ment and books at the desk. An wo­man is seated, read­ing out a pas­sage from a book in­tently, “… and the Van­quisher, Faurin, took his own life…”

Hear­ing you enter the wo­man throws the book to the ground and quickly draws a short sword. The man throws his cloak over the con­tents of the table. The wo­man shouts, “What is the mean­ing of this in­ter­rup­tion! Ser­vants! You were ordered to pre­vent any­body from en­ter­ing my study.”

If Farnit and Per­tana think that the play­ers might be use­ful or friendly, given their no­tori­ety, Per­tana will give them the fol­low­ing in­form­a­tion:

"I only im­part this know­ledge be­cause we, the Watch­ers, are des­per­ate. We are not gen­er­als or war­ri­ors, just traders and schol­ars from a pros­per­ous city. We have not fought in hun­dreds of years and we would­n’t even know where to start. Many are call­ing Farnit and I apathetic to­wards the cir­cum­stances we face.

"We are not, however, apathetic. We are fight­ing in our own way. Mostly we gather in­form­a­tion hop­ing to find some way of end­ing the tyranny of Tel­netar. While we have not found any­thing that Farnit and I can do, I now think there is something the three of you can do.

"The day after Tel­netar at­tacked the castle, a guarded car­riage went from the castle to his man­sion in the dead of night. The guards went into his man­sion and fight­ing could be heard there. We saw the guards drag­ging some people out, into the car­riages. The car­riage did­n’t go back to the castle but in­stead to one of Tel­net­ar’s ware­houses.

"The day be­fore last, Glanna (who I think you have met be­fore) in­sisted that the best thing to do was to find out what happened in the man­sion, as clearly something not­able happened that night. However, she’s not re­turned and we have heard news that she will be ex­ecuted.

"I fear that we, Farnit and I, have been re­vealed and that we will soon be.

“I im­plore you to help us find out what happened here. I think it might be key to sav­ing this city. Do whatever you think is best here, whether that is in­vest­ig­at­ing the man­sion, sav­ing Glanna, or in­vest­ing the ware­house.”

Ro­le­play­ing Per­tana 2

Tel­net­ar’s man­sion 2

There’s a small guard pres­ence out­side the front gates of the man­sion, pre­vent­ing easy ac­cess, these guards are un­der or­der from the new Lord to pre­vent ci­vil­ians from en­ter­ing the Lord’s man­sion, though they don’t know what’s in­side. The guards will re­act to loud noises in­side the manor, wor­ry­ing that they’ve failed at their job.

Iron fences, 10ft high, with hedges be­hind them sur­round the Lord Tel­net­ar’s man­sion grounds. The fences are in good con­di­tion but the hedges are.

A few ser­vants lucky to sur­vive have bar­ri­caded them­selves in the noble’s cham­bers. This cham­ber con­tains the key re­quired to open the secret en­trance to the castle.

The grand en­trance hall 2

What was once clearly a great en­trance hall is ruined. Dust, debris and dried blood cover most of the sur­faces.

A grand stair­case is straight ahead, though the top half of it has col­lapsed en­tirely, re­veal­ing a stony dark cor­ridor be­hind a dis­in­teg­rat­ing wall. Large chunks of the marble ban­is­ter have fallen into the stair­case. A large arch­way opens from the top of the stairs to the fist floor but the floor has col­lapsed where the stair­case would have ended. Through an arch at the end of the stairs al­lows you to see into a large light room.

A mangled, rot­ting body is slumped against the far left wall, a sword aban­doned in its chest. Its stench filling the room.

To both the left and the right of the main door are or­nate arches. Through the left you can see shattered lounge fur­niture and through the right a gal­lery, though the art­work lies scattered and torn on the floor.

On either side of these arches are col­lapsed suits of ar­mour, apart from to the left off the left door.

From the dark cor­ridor you hear the echo­ing a wo­man cry out in pain and a deep raspy laugh.

If the char­ac­ters ap­proach either of the doors, the ar­mour guard­ing that door will be­come an­im­ated. These are An­im­ated Ar­mour (see page 19 of the Mon­ster Manual).

If the char­ac­ters ap­proach the rot­ting body, the sword in the body will be­come an­im­ated. This is a Fly­ing Sword (see page 20 of the Mon­ster Manual).

If the char­ac­ters at­tempt to climb over the rubble, they will need to make a DC 13 Dex­ter­ity check or oth­er­wise fall down the rubble and down the stairs.

The draw­ing room 2

The draw­ing room has shattered fur­niture all around. Signs of fight­ing are here as well. The door to the din­ing room is ajar and the char­ac­ters can smell rot­ting food from there.

There is a secret door, lead­ing to the ser­vants’ pas­sage, dis­guised as a wall on the right wall of the room.

The din­ing room 2

The stench of rot­ting food fills this room, the long din­ing table is on its side, food all over the floor.

There are two secret doors, both lead­ing to the ser­vants’ pas­sage, dis­guised as the wall, one on the right side of the room, one on the far side of the room. The secret door at the far side of the room is ajar.

The paint­ings are torn, frames shattered; the statues broken. At the end of the room, there’s a barred door which has a couple of broken statues bar­ring it shut. Be­hind the doors you can hear some scratch­ing and shuff­ling.

The barred doors lead to the lib­rary.

There is a secret door, lead­ing to the ser­vants’ pas­sage, dis­guised as a wall on the left side of this room.

The lib­rary 2

This room, like the oth­ers lies in ruin. It was once a lib­rary, the book cases are shattered and the books are on the floor.

There are eight zom­bies in here, they are all wear­ing ser­vant’s cloth­ing.

There are two secret doors, both lead­ing the ser­vants’ pas­sage, dis­guised as the wall, one on the left side of the room, one on the far side of the room.

The ser­vants’ pas­sage 2

A nar­row stone pas­sage.

Where the col­lapsed wall and stairs are from the man­sion’s en­trance hall, there are stairs lead­ing down­wards; however, the top step is if you come at the stairs from the other dir­ec­tion.

The pas­sage at the end has a spiral stair­case up and three or­din­ary doors lead­ing to the ser­vants’ quar­ters. At the top of the spiral stair­case, there is im­me­di­ately a wooden door. From be­hind it, shuff­ling noises can be heard.

There are plain doors that match up to the secret doors in the draw­ing room, the din­ing room, the gal­lery, and the lib­rary.

The ser­vants’ quar­ters 2

The beds in this room are scattered, all of the bed­ding has shred­ded. There’s no sign of any move­ment at all.

The kit­chen 2

The stench of rot­ting food also fills this room. The pre­par­a­tion tables are full of half-pre­pared food. A large cauldron has been knocked over at the far end of the room un­der a chim­ney. Ashes cover the floor. Pots and pans are scattered every­where.

There’s no sign of any move­ment in this room.

The stor­e­room 2

A room full of bar­rels but most of the bar­rels are empty apart from some stale bread and a few mouldy apples.

The grand cor­ridor 2

A long cor­ridor, wider and or­nately dec­or­ated. At the far end is a large win­dow. To the left are three doors, the middle and lar­ger one is closed. The oth­ers are open. To the right is a large open arch­way.

In the cor­ridor, four zom­bies wear­ing ser­vant’s cloth­ing.

From the spiral stair­case, the doors on the left hand side (closest to fur­thers) lead to the study, mas­ter’s bed­room, and dress­ing room.

The door to the mas­ter’s bed­room won’t open if the play­ers try to push it open. When the play­ers do this, a man’s voice from in­side will shout “Wake up! They’re try­ing to get in again!”

The door will take a DC 14 Strength check to open it.

The ball­room 2

A large ball­room with a large wooden ceil­ing. On each of the walls are two large win­dows. The broken stair­case is at the other end of the room.

In the room are an­other ten zom­bies wear­ing ser­vant’s cloth­ing.

The study 2

The study is an­other room full of de­struc­tion. The desk is smashed and there is pa­per every­where.

The dress­ing room 2

The dress­ing room is an­other room full of de­struc­tion. There is rich clothes of both lords and ladies scattered around the floor.

The mas­ter bed­room 2

This room, slightly lar­ger than the rooms down­stairs, also has ruined fur­niture. A broken four poster bed and chest of draw­ers are piled dir­ectly in front of you, moved out of the way to let you through the door.

A pile of food is against the left wall, in far left corner is a pile of bed­ding.

To the right of the room there’s a large closed chest.

There are four ser­vants and a boy look­ing tired and be­draggled, their cloth­ing torn and soiled: two of the ser­vants are closer to you, hav­ing moved the fur­niture; one is sit­ting on the bed­ding with the boy, the other is stand­ing in guard of the chest.

The four ser­vants in here man­aged to hide dur­ing the fight and then hid in this room. They hid un­der the food in the bar­rels, one of them hid the chest with them when they saw what was hap­pen­ing.

In the chest is:

On the small carved wooden box, the in­scrip­tion says:

In your oath to me, you have bent your knee. Re­mem­ber this oath, when us­ing this key.

In­side the box is a small orb wrapped in fab­ric which has an inked map which shows the castle and its walls and marks a small pas­sage in the cliff out­side the castle walls to the south.

The cel­lar 2

The cel­lar is dim, lit only by a couple of torches.

At the end of the room are are iron barred prison door, both are open. To the left of the room is a table.

In the centre of the right of the room is a bound wo­man and gagged wo­man, she’s sob­bing. Stand­ing above her is a man ready to strike her. His skin is very pale ashy taut skin, he wears dark scaly ar­mour.

At the table are two hooded fig­ures.

The man stand­ing next to her is a wight, the two hooded fig­ures are cult fan­at­ics.

Tel­net­ar’s ware­house 2

This is where Tel­net­ar’s fam­ily is be­ing held cap­tive.

When al­ley for the en­trance of the ware­house is trapped. If the play­ers trip the wire, they will cause a loud crash­ing sound that will alert the guards in­side. The trip wire is 3 inches off the ground and stretches between the two walls. A DC to spot the wire is 10. A suc­cess­ful DC 15 Dex­ter­ity check us­ing thieves’ tools will suc­cess­fully dis­able the trap. Try­ing without thieves’ tools will re­quire a check with a dis­ad­vant­age. On a failed check the trap trig­gers.

There are no guards stand­ing out­side the ware­house.

Entry room 2

This small room has some tools for mov­ing boxes and bar­rels and a small table with a couple of chairs.

If the trap was­n’t triggered, two cult­ists will be in this room, sit­ting at a table. If the play­ers make enough noise, the ware­house de­fend­ers in the first store room will join the fight.

If the trap was triggered, there will be the two cult­ists plus the ware­house de­fend­ers in the first store room.

There’s a door on the op­pos­ite side of the room which is barred and locked (DC 17 strength to un­lock it). There’s a door to the right that is open if the char­ac­ters triggered the trap and closed oth­er­wise. If the char­ac­ters make a lot of noise dur­ing the fight and the trap has­n’t been triggered then

Store room: 1 2

This room has vari­ous lux­ury wares, it has a door that leads back to the entry room and an­other locked door to the left.

This room has two cult­ists in it and a cult­ist fan­atic. The cult­ist fan­atic has keys to the pris­on­ers’ room (the same key fits both doors).

Store room: 2 2

This store room is filled with large boxes, chests and bar­rels. There are five cult fan­at­ics wait­ing to am­bush the play­ers.

Pris­on­ers’ room 2

Most of the items have been taken out of this room. There’s a table with a couple of chairs.

In this room there’s a cult fan­atic who is guard­ing the pris­on­ers.

The pris­on­ers are a wo­man and two girls who are all sit­ting in one of the corners of the room.

The pub­lic ex­e­cu­tion of Glanna in the city square 2

This will oc­cur on the morn­ing of the second day that the char­ac­ters are in the city, if the char­ac­ters haven’t saved Glanna.

Her last words will be “From the scrip­ture of Il­ma­ter, ‘go to the Swift’s old nest to find the way to the new nest.’”

Qa’­lir’s in­ter­fer­ence 2

When Qa’­lir be­comes aware of the char­ac­ters, she will try to in­ter­fere with them.

Thugs 2

If Qa’­lir be­comes aware of the char­ac­ters in the city, she will send eight thugs to threaten them.

The thugs will threaten the char­ac­ters if they find them­selves some­where more se­cluded in the city. The thugs will at­tack the char­ac­ters if pro­voked.

We think it’s time you took your busi­ness out­side the city.

The cap­tain of the thugs will have a let­ter from the Qa’­lir with the in­struc­tions. It will only be signed with a sym­bol with wings and

As­sas­sin­a­tion 2

If the thugs fail, Qa’­lir will send an In­vis­ible Stalker as an as­sas­sin. It will be un­der in­struc­tion to kill the char­ac­ters in a private place, prob­ably their room in an inn or even a safe-house. When the char­ac­ters enter the

Guards 2

If the as­sas­sin fails, Qa’­lir will send guards to in­car­cer­ate the char­ac­ters (if their loc­a­tion is known) for treason. These guards will at­tempt to jail the char­ac­ters in the

After suc­cess 2